This week's project - socks

I decided to start a sock project to get into my winter knitting groove… this picture was a few days ago, so I’m now only a few inches away from being able to decrease and close for the toes:

Ooo those are going to be so pretty! I’ve never seen socks knit like that… a circ and DPNs?:??

I wanted to make both socks at the same time (because I have a short attention span), but I couldn’t find my two sets of circular needles of the same size. (Bummer). Since I did have a set of 5 dpn’s of the right size, I just combined/substituted the dpn’s with the circular needle so I could make both socks at the same time. Each sock is using two dpn’s and one circ, leaving a dpn free to knit with (and as each round is made, at some point one of the ends of the circ is going to be used as the free needle).

They’re going to be wonderful! Love the fun colors! … and your innovative way of knitting them! LOL

Thanks:aww: - the ‘innovation’ was just a result of me ‘misplacing’ my other pair of circs… no doubt it is in a bag someplace on some half-started project!:teehee:

those are gonna be awesome and yes that was really smart of you to find a way to do it without both of your circs.

That’s funny, they were probably were more fun to knit because of the unusualness of the combined needles! (now I want to try it:teehee: )

:happydance: Love the color, they look great!!

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Well, you know the old saying, Necessity is the mother of invention… I think you may have started something… LOL!
I find socks a bit daunting after all these years… can’t say I’ve ever heard of anyone knitting two at a time before!
Amazing… absolutely amazing!
:knitting: [/COLOR]

I actually cried over my very first pair of socks, because the instructions and pattern was in the “Knitting for Dummies” book, and let’s say… it didn’t go as smoothly at first as I had hoped. It feels like being a spider with sixteen hands… I felt so stupid and clumsy. But it fell together very shortly. Once you get the first couple of rows down, then it’s just like being on circular needles.

And, you are so right… it was totally necessity is the mother of invention… and I must mention, I am still [I]annoyed[/I] that I can’t find where my other circular needle is that I would have preferred instead of a combo of circs and dpn’s. When making two socks at the same time, if using two (same size) circular needles, it is fast and easy. But as you said… when you have to make do… I am not about to buy another circular needle when I know it is around here someplace… and it will magically appear just as soon as this project is complete.:teehee:

I’m happy that I’ve now got my socks done, just in time for the new year:knitting:

That’s really clever! Way to improvise. :thumbsup:

(By the way, I think making both socks and the same time is a great idea–that’s what I do. It really helps to make sure they match up well.)

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]WOW! Love the look!
TEMA:thumbsup: [/COLOR]

Looks great! :yay:

Dontcha just want to invent a needle clapper so you can find your needles?! I feel that way all the time - most of mine are contained in a basket in our family room, but I swear they jump out and run and hide when I need them! :teehee:

A ‘needle clapper’ would be perfect!:thumbsup: :roflhard: I figured just as soon as I was done with the socks, that other circ needle would magically reappear, but not yet… however, in the process of looking I found an ADDI 10.5 circ, a bamboo 10 circ and a bamboo 8 circ… my ADDI size 2 circ is still playing hide and seek…:knitting: