This site creates a chart from written directions!

I just “found” this site that will create a knitting chart for you when you type in the written directions. Its amazing!!!

:yay: :yay:

Warning: for those of us who are veteran chart knitters, the Chart Creator is not ‘standard’ in this respect: Whereas you would normally read a chart from right to left for RS Rows and then from left to right for WS Rows…the Chart Creator will give you a chart that[I] is always read from left to right. [/I]

The Manualfor the Chart Creator states this difference under the subheading “Basics”.

Thanks a bunch for sharing this interesting software, Quiltlady! I’ve had a scarf pattern that is written longhand, and I’ve stalled on knitting it because written instructions for a leafy pattern scarf are so laborious to follow! I’m going to give the Chart Creator a try! I’ll just have to be sure and read this chart from left to right ALL THE WAY UP!

Just goes to show ya I must have done my chart a dozen times. I couldn’t see that it was left to right. Got to get more coffee into me I guess.
I love charts and am doing a lace shawl and it is written out. This is going to be a lot easier for me to read. Now that you pointed out my error on reading both the chart and the manual.:doh:

Hi! :waving:

I’m right smack in the middle of writing up the design patterns for the book I’m writing on knitted cotton kitchen cloths and accessories.

I’d done a few charts (very time consuming and labor intensive) and was not looking forward to charting the remaining twenty-some patterns.

And there you’ve popped up with this little gem! And at the perfect time, too. I’ve already used it for one of the new patterns I’ve been working on, just to get familiar with it, and it works like a charm. All the patterns in the book will be written out but I wanted to offer charts as well where appropriate. And this very simple program will allow me to do that without tearing out my hair!

My hair and I thank you from the bottom of our follicles! :woot:

Happy Knitting,


that’s pretty cool! thanks for sharing!