This one's for the Mod Squad

Thanks so much for helping me with my links! How can I fix them when I’m entering a message (I just know I’ll be doing it a lot on here…this site is ADDICTIVE!!!)? Thanks!

Hi Bek. :smiley:

Are you asking how to edit a message for which you have not yet clicked the SUBMIT button? If so, you just click the PREVIEW button, and if your text isn’t satisfactory, scroll back up to where you type your message and correct it. Keep previewing it until it’s satisfactory.

If you’ve already submitted a message, then you’d click the EDIT button (in the upper right corner of your posted message), and do the same thing.

Does that answer your question? :??

Oops! I just noticed the Subject line of your post. :blush: I am not a Mod Squadder. :rollseyes:

Bek, when you’re including a link enter it like this, but with no spaces:

[ url = “http : // big-long-url” ] link text [ /url ]


When entering a long url, you can make it a hot link by using the URL tags like this:

[The name of your link here](ENTER LINK HERE)
It’ll look like this: Google :slight_smile:

Happy to Help! That’s what we’re here for. :thumbsup:

just so ya know, if you hover your mouse over the “URL” link at the top while you are typing you link it will help guide you through it…i still get it wrong on the first try most of the time.

Hey thanks! I feel…enlightened :lol: How about a go to see if it actually clicked on how to do this link thing…

My Blog

Eureka! It works!

And while I’m asking duh questions…what the heck is the Knitter’s Greek Code???

[color=orange]ugh…well here is where you find what everything means…but i don’t ever even try to dicipher it…hurts my brain too much![/color]