This looks sooooooo good

Merino, silk and cashmere. Sounds like heaven !!!

And the price! :inlove: Having that elann link is going to be the death of me. I almost just ordered a pile of that yarn–but remembered the money I spent on Friday. I don’t know how long I can last. :shifty:

I just about hit “add to cart” before I saw the gauge…

:shock: Holy Guacamole! That is some tiny yarn. It does sound soooooo soft. :inlove:

You could double it if you don’t want it that small. Or make a lacy something. I have to shop vicariously for a while, so knock yourself out!

One thing I didn’t notice when I first shopped there, was that some of the skeins were only 25 grams–instead of the usual 50…and yep–they were tiny little threads. I had already bought and ordered them before I realized I had some mighty tiny yarn to find something to do with!! Still-it’s a great place, and I guess elann is some sort of clearing house for yarns. Also–you can CHOOSE the lower, slower $3.00 shipping if you’re not in a great big hurry.

I’ve really fallen in love with, because of the large variety, the service is great, too. I’ve been able to find lots of bargains and sales threre, and Lorna’s Laces Shepherds Socks, some of my fave sock yarn wasl only $7.50 for 50 grams–2 of them will make an adult pair of socks and they’re yummy-ily soft!! :heart: I’ve heard great things about WEBS too!

And further–I am ALWAYS in the market for a bargain–so, puleeze keep sharing with us!! :thumbsup: