This is what I get for having an UFO for months

I have a UFO and It’s been that way for quite some time…I guess about half a year. I was scared of seaming, and now I want to finish it…well I fould out that a piece is MISSING!!! argh…no I have to reknit that piece…It’s trivial, I know because it’s the punkrock backpack from Stitch N Bitch, so it’s only the top rectangle above the zipper spot, but still! I’m bugging about it. And I have yet to cast on for it. I was done with it and now I have NO idea where that piece is… I looked everywhere. :shock:

Don’t worry–you’ll find it the moment you cast off the last stich on the replacement piece! :rollseyes:

oh yea… haha. And then I’ll go nuts wondering what to do with the rectangle I’ll find…Luckily I have a whole skein of the MC from the project.