This is what happens when I get frustrated

A minor bit of background-- I tend to not get haircuts very often, because I just don’t care enough. However, the past few weeks, it’s been insanely hot, and the air conditioning in my car isn’t working so well.
I decided that long hair + sweltering heat was not good… so I decided to do something about it. My hair was about 1/3 of the way down my back… now–

Yikes! I like it, but this is going to take some serious getting used to!!!

Wow now that takes guts. I couldn’t cut that much off at once! It looks fab though. I bet you will love it once you get use to it.

You look great! :cheering:

I just did the same thing about a month ago and I donated the hair to Locks of Love. I live in Texas - and the shorter hair is MUCH cooler!

lol that reminds me of one time when i went to get my hair cut. my hair was about at my shoulders which was very long for me. i have always been a short hair girl. i couldn’t take it anymore though and i went in to get it cut. the girl who cut my hair was so scared to cut it she insisted on proof that i had short hair before. she didn’t want me to yell at her later for cutting it all off. it took her nearly 90 minutes to do it and i am pretty sure she could have stopped at several points and i would have had a perfectly formed hair cut. funny.

I think your hair looks cute and it is still in a style that you can play with and have fun with… good style choice!!!

my hair is cut the same :slight_smile: go us:grphug:

You look super cute! I did the same right after my wedding, I’ve had short hair since high school but grew it out for my wedding. They ended up cutting almost 8 inches off, felt so good.

:happydance: It looks good!!

I’ve done the same but went really really short… got tired of fooling with it and being hot all the time… I’m trying to let it grow out now… said the same thing last year and last Aug went short again… we will see how long I can get it this year :teehee:

I chopped off all my hair my first semester of college back in 2002. I have very thick heavy hair, that was just too much to control on a daily basis. It was half way down my back when I finally got so frustrated one day that I went to the salon and said chop it off.

I went from this, my senior yearbook photo:

To this, where it is completely managable. :slight_smile:

Your hair looks so cute short like that. Way to go!

Looks great! :cheering:
I have hair like Riss’s, it’s thick, heavy and a burden in summer. More than once I’ve threatened to do a Britney Spears and shave it all off. It’s a pain to cram into a motorcycle helmet and the heat that builds up underneath it is almost unbearable in the Florida weather.
For now, it’s shoulder length and somewhat manageable. Given the amount of heat we’ve had lately look for a post about me cutting it all off too.

I think the cut frames your face perfectly!

I admire those who can embrace drastic change like that. I’ve had super-long hair since I was in elementary school – like, a few inches past my bra strap! I keep it pinned up most of the time, though (Texas heat)…

It looks very cute! I really like it, very flattering!

I have always had long hair (down to mid thigh) until I moved away from home for college. Then I did the “I’m going to make a change” hair cut. I chopped my hair off, to the bottom of my ears. I think it was almost 2 1/2 feet of hair. (it got donated). I also dyed it [B][COLOR=Red]RED[/COLOR][/B]! Little did I know that having [B][U]really [/U][/B]long hair straightens it. Long story short, I didn’t know my hair is curly when it’s short, and I ended up looking like Little Orphan Annie. Needless to say it was quite a shock.

Now I keep my hair almost long enough to sit on but not quite. It still has curl but not the huge ringlets it has when it’s short, and it’s not bone straight. I do have to get it layered so it doesn’t give me headaches though.

I think you look adorable in that haircut. I love it. About 8 months ago I decided to quit coloring my hair to see what it would look like. I knew I was going to be gray, but was going to go back to coloring it if it looked that steel gray color that is not flattering. Well, it is mostly silver (I am a natural blond so maybe that is why) and I really love it. I get a lot of compliments and ask which salon I go to and get it colored like that! lol

This is what happens when I get frustrated start to grow a mullet :teehee::

Thursday night:


Very nice haircut, Eleowein! And I do the same thing, Stiney - decide to grow it, get frustrated, and lop it all off. I like yours - I don’t know I’ve ever gone quite that short - I still need it long enough to twirl!

When I was younger, I used to get my haircut every time I went through something emotional - I started college with hair down to my butt, and by senior year it was almost as short as Stiney’s - just a bit more on top. What a way to solve problems:teehee:.

Love the new haircut.

Very flattering cut! You’re very lucky that your hair is straight! Alas, I have very thick, naturally curly hair. It just does not do well cut too short, although I would just LOVE to do it! I can straighten it, and it looks great, but with the humidity in FL, straightening (takes me nearly an hour) is just a waste of time.

Enjoy the new do!

chuckle I’m just having trouble figuring out how to brush it! It’s so short the brush I used to use just isn’t working… it’s just been a while since I did anything like this. It’s gotten quite hot the past few days, and I’m soooo glad I cut my hair. I didn’t realize how hot it was!