THIS Is A Man's Knitting Shirt!

I’m going to have to order one of these :mrgreen:

Ok, ok, they come in ladies too.

SO COOL:thumbsup::cool:

Y’know…I think dh would wear it…and then be showing he’s got a yarn addict for a wife. :thumbsup:

LOL! That’s so cool! :rofl: :mrgreen:

Arrrrrr! That be so cool! :teehee:


:roflhard: Gotta show this to my man :lol:


I’m so getting one for MYSELF! :smiley:

I have that shirt!!

I spotted it on another forum and HAD to have it. Now it’s one of my favorite things to wear.

Mason! You changed your avatar back to your old one! Why?

I must own that!:happydance:

Wow, I’m obviously not the only one who likes that shirt :rofl:

Ummm I haven’t changed my av in a while but will soon as I am now growing my winter beard.

Where can I get one? Didn’t see any ordering info on the page.

KG, I’m sure you’ve seen these sites by now but just in case you haven’t…

Thanks. Actually I first saw the shirt over at Men Who Knit

You can order it from here

Nice shirt, love it!

Oh, I see. :blooby:

Have you seen the one with the skull with the top of the head popped off and a ball yarn sitting in it like a brain with knitting needles protruding? My dh thinks I am morbid, and knitting hasn’t really helped that, it seems.:teehee:


I posted the picture here, . I think this is the right page.

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