This Guy needs some help

I found a pattern online that was a Man’s “Tank Top”. It was made from Bamboo, and it kind of looks “holey”.
The model wearing the tank top, was a black male, and the yarn was black in color.
I started the pattern about 3 months ago, but NOW ITS GONE…!! I have searched the internet for a week and can’t find it anywhere…

Can anyone help me???


((I bet Ingrid will have the answer!))

He’s not black, but the tank is.

I have no clue if this is what you’re looking for, but I can’t resist a challenge! :teehee:

I take that back–when you scroll down to the pattern, he is black. :happydance:

Ingrid, you are too quick. I didn’t even get beyond the first page of that pattern - I covet those lovely wooden needles too much… there is no drooly emoticon, well none that i can see.

Anyway, gonna go back and looky at the pattern now.

:drool: <~~~~~~ Drool! :teehee:

tee hee, brendajos you little rippa, :drool:, and here i was thinking he had a blue tongue :doh:

You can just type drool in between these guys: :

so : drool :


Scroll down thru this and see if the pattern you seek is here:

wow! That’s a sexy lookin tank there :eyebrow: No wonder Ingrid knew just where to look :rofl:

Thank You … Thank You…
Now, I can FINALLY finish my project. I really hate when I get side-tracked like that!!

Thanks Ingrid… I knew I could count on you!!!

I’m surprised that Howie hasn’t said HELLO to me & Pebbles…

:shrug: I only went to knitting pattern central.