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I just wanted to say how much I appreciate this form. As a long time crocheter, when I picked knitting back up last year I must have gone to 9 or 10 different boards looking for tips, hints, and just some support as this is not a skill I learned from my grandmother, so I was pretty much out there on my own.

Most of the boards I went to were either nearly dead or breathing their last gasp… or if you posted it was hard to get a response or the board itself was hard to negotiate and difficult to find things in. One board I visited I went for a couple of months before realizing all their technique and how to stuff was way down on the bottom of the board… the top was filled with chatter :wall:

This forum tho, has become my “online knitting home” as far as techniques, how to and just downright FRIENDLY people. Thanks for being there for so much… I haven’t posted alot but I have read ALOT and really enjoy the giggles as well as the serious posts and the feeling of community here. I’ve ordered Amy’s videos as well and they are just superb… I keep the CD in my laptop all the time for reference lol

Anyway… from a “newb”… thanks for such a great board and such a great group of folks. I look forward to sharing more of my completed projects as they come along and really am excited about getting to know more of you better as fellow yarn addicts :muah:

I think we all feel that way! When the board goes down we act like someone stole our morning coffee. :teehee:

Glad you are having a good time here! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

And our bagels, and our chocolate, and our yarn! :rofl:

Welcome! I never would have learned to knit without this place either!

Awww…you just echoed the sentiment of the entire forum population!

and for me…when the board goes down it’l like someone stole my toothpaste and tea… :shrug:

Well I feel that way as far as knitting… I have other boards, mainly crochet and arabian horses that are a whole other world. At least the fellow crocheters understand the YARN ADDICTION :teehee: :wink:

I agree that this forum is the best there is.

I have to jump on the bandwagon here and agree whole-heartedly!!

I’ve been around to other knitting boards and I’d never felt comfortable at them until this one… :hug:

I big puffy heart this board! :muah: It made me leave the other one (not knitting related) and I don’t miss it!

Yup, double for me! Reading and/or participating in a Forum is time-consuming…and it consumes time you could be KNITTING…lest we forget our purpose…so I am very careful how I spend that time away from the needles! I am sure you all feel the same way! I have backed away from two other knitting forums. Not because I was offended by them, or that I didn’t get some good info/help…but I have to choose ONE and stick with IT! This is the BEST FORUM!

This Forum has AMY FINLAY written all over it! :heart: Did anyone ever get the opportunity to meet Amy back when her Knitting Help website was kinda brand new? She used to have an 100 THINGS ABOUT ME…she shared 100 things about herself…and IT WAS GREAT! FUNNY! INTERESTING! I just fell in love with her as a Sister Knitter! I am not surprised then that this Forum has followed the same QUALITY path as she has taken in her life!

Kudos to Amy Finlay! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

I “big puffy heart” this site too! I think the fact that Amy is a stickler for not having too many board on the Forum keeps it navigable (sp?) and intimate. No matter what time of day you can post a question and you’ll get a quick kind reply, even if you go to bed and wake up to check the next a.m.

When the site goes down, it’s like cutting my yarn in the middle of the row!!!

:heart: :heart: :heart:

I agree KH is an invaluable resource for tips, community, and just good fun~!! :roflhard: :roflhard:

yeppers, i have to agree, this is where i choose to lay my hat. Although, sometimes i get no knitting done at all because of this site, you naughty, naughty people :blush:

I have been browsing on many forums and I must admit that this is the best forum ever. I am new to knitting and when I have attempt to do a new pattern and there is a stitch that I am unfamiliar with I check the teaching videos which shows me what I have to do in clear and precise instructions.

I enjoy the new bobble and cabling without cable instructional videos :cheering:

Just a little note to let you know that this forum ROCKS!!! :happydance:

I have to second this. My knitting has come a long way because of this forum.:yay::yay:

Hopefully that is a thing of the past since we upgraded servers! I always joked that when KH was down worldwide productivity increased.

I am glad you guys liked the forum. I remember when KH was just starting out, one of the first things Amy asked me to create was a forum. I sort of dragged my feet a bit, thinking it wouldn’t be that popular. I figured I could add it in later when we had more time. But she kept on the issue and I we made it a priority. I guess the rest is history. The forum was “discovered” almost immediately and is now the heart and soul of KH. We are glad people embrace it so fully and call it their home on the web.

Most of the boards I went to were either nearly dead or breathing their last gasp… or if you posted it was hard to get a response or the board itself was hard to negotiate and difficult to find things in. :wall: [quote]

Okay, this is a shift from the puffy hearts and marshmallows. is a good, lively, helpful forum, and the recent changes in format have made it even better.
But the tone of the original quote saddens me.
It is not necessary to knock other venues in order to praise this one. They have other objectives, other demographics, other issues, other “personalities.”

The TKGA forum, for instance, is skewed toward people involved in the Master Knitter program. Which is as it should be, since TKGA sponsors the program. Participants tend to be more experienced knitters looking for new ways to hone their skills and develop their craft. There aren’t too many newbie questions, and not too much general blather, but I’ve never met a nicer, more knowledgeable, more helpful bunch. You may not get a dozen answers to your questions, but you’ll get thoughtful, friendly, in-depth advice. is quite naturally geared toward knitty readers. There’s a lot more personal, non-knitting stuff and the demographic seems to be younger than TKGA. The vibe is irreverent but caring. seems to be somewhat oriented to the less experienced knitter – lots of beginner questions and concerns. That’s fine. Amy’s teaching videos are excellent and I’ve seen them recommended on other forums. (Knitters are generous people.)

I’ve only come across one forum that was downright unpleasant. Participants seemed to enjoy putting down others who asked “stupid” questions and indulging in snarky gossip. Fun for some, not for me.

The point is: there’s a place for everyone in the world of knitting, and many people populate several boards that serve different needs. I’m happy that Donna has found her place. That doesn’t mean that the others are no good.

I am a newbie too and a long time crochter. I love this forum so much. It seems I was just like you and finally found this board.

:woot::woot:I love coming here to find out what’s new in the knitting community. I’ve learned so much from coming here and am so glad to see it flourish.:woot::woot:

Thanks for putting together such a great forum…complete with smilies! :yay:

Thanks to KH I learned to “cable without needles” today…:woot:

Keep up the great work, guys!


I am so inspired by this forum to try new things. Just looking at all the wonderful completed projects and patterns is so uplifting.