Thinking about teaching knitting

I was in Michael’s today and there were signs up saying they were looking for a knitting instructor and also a crochet instructor. I inquired about it, thinking it would be kind of fun. I could teach both classes.
However, the money stinks, at first glance. Seems to be mainly a commission on the students’ expenditures and/or a pittance of an hourly pay. I don’t know. I’d like it, but I wonder if it’s a waste of time?
Have any of you ever done this, and if so, what’s your input for me while I mull this over?

If I could, I’d do it in a heartbeat. Low pay or not, I’d LOVE to teach knitting! :heart:

Agreed!!! If you are really interested, why not do 2 or 3 and then you can really decide if the time you spend is worth the money they pay you.

Would they also expect you to work as a sales clerk on the floor? Or would there be ANY chance of customers just grabbing you to ask questions? Im only asking because my Michaels is a MADHOUSE and I can never find help, and when I do, they rarely know what they are talking about. I wouldnt want to be involved in that kind of madness.

[size=2](It takes ALOT to make me this negative, btw…)[/size]

Lots of interesting questions KK. I wouldn’t like the either.

“Hey I’m jeest the kneeting teecher. I know nuthin about no steee-king peecture frames.”

:roflhard: :roflhard:

Actually, the only other thing I would be doing there is sitting there knitting at the demo table, answering questions pertaining to the yarn, the pattern or whatever, encouraging people to buy it I guess. That sounds kind of fun, doesn’t it? Walk up to the shelf, pick out some yarn and just knit? LOL.
As far as people pestering me, I guess that could happen. Heck, it happened to me yesterday when some lady kept wanting me to help her find a zipper, and I was just another customer in there! :rollseyes:

If you want to build up a resume of expereince then do it. If you need to pay the rent then look for better pay. I need to pay the rent but I’d do it in a heartbeat and work another job to pay the rent. WILL WORK FOR KNITTING.