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the Luna moth Shawl. Here is my predicament, I have enough grey worsted weight wool, but the pattern is for DK weight. I could go out and buy more yarn the is the right weight but I don’t think hubby would be pleased. So, Trying to make do with what I have How would I adjust needle size etc?

Go up to a size 10½ or even 11, lace knitting is supposed to be loose. You probably won’t work as many repeats of the pattern (where it says ‘repeat rows x to y’) but it will still be a good size.

the great ting about a scarf / shawl is that it does not so much depend on gauge. It does not really have to fit. Make it the width you want (you can try that real quick on a few rows) and keep on until you like the length.

If you feel like needing more yarn in the end, there is good reason and good excuse to buy some. Then you also won’t pile a big stack infront of your hubby. He will only see some extra and a big project to admire! :smiley:

after doing the pattern repeat (rows) once, you can measure and find out how long things will get if you repeat as often as you can make it.

Usage of yarn you can find out real easy: weigh your needles before you start (if you are not working with seperate ones (those you can weigh later)). Then do a part of your pattern. Measure how long, e.g. 10 inches. Then weigh your piece, deduct the needle and you know how much yarn you used for 10 inches. Then you can do the math.

She’s making a top down triangle which isn’t as easy to estimate finished size as a rectangle. But by using larger needles for it, it’ll get larger faster.

Ah, that is not so easy, right. I thought I had seen a pattern with that name and it was long and straigt. So I need to search out this pattern.

There’s a couple versions in different yarn at, you need to register and login, but the patterns are free.

yes and this silk bamboo is soo nice…he won’t mind… :stuck_out_tongue:
ok, so I think I figured this out, I bought a size 9 needle to do with the wool ( which is close to the alpace pattern of this), but if I use the needle I already have for then I can buy two more skeins of the silk bamboo…mmm… I hate making decisions…