Thinking about a nose piercing

so here it is, 10 years after graduating high school when i originally wanted to get it done. i’m married, own a house, have a baby, and am starting a new job on wednesday. what do i want to do? something stupid i guess. i’m thinking about piercing my nose.
just a simple cute little stud. right there (points to nose on left side).
i’m not worried about the new job and the piercing. they are hiring me contract for the first 90 days, and then they’ll hire me on full time if they like my work. i’ll be working from home and occasionally traveling. they’ve never seen me, just read my resume, talked to me online and saw my tests i took. so as far as they’re concerned, i’ve had this piercing for years.
then why am i worried? i guess i feel like i’m too old for this kinda thing. i’m only 28. i guess it’s because of all the other stuff (hubby, house, kid) that i feel like i’m supposed to be over this piercing thing. i have 8 holes in my ears already and 2 tattoos. i’m not new to this piercing thing…strange how i feel like society expects me to be a certain way, and it actually makes me hesitate…when most 28 yr olds i know would do it without a second thought…

then why am i nervous about it?
i think it’s the worry about the pain…
it’d be fun to go in on friday with nose pierced for my last day on teh job. hahaha

a friend and i are going downtown for a day of shopping tomorrow…she said she’d go with me to get it pierced…

worst case, i take it out and i’ve wasted a bit of cash…right?

what to do…what to do…

i really like small studs. mine isn’t pierced, and i have no interest in getting it pierced. but i do really like to look at them. strange. anyway, sounds to me like you know exactly what you want. think of it this way. you’ve spent the last ten years earning it. if i still wanted something like that after ten years, i’d go for it. chances are, the desire is there to stay. like you said, you can always just take it out. you’re definitely not too old for anything. i’m the same age, and i’m trying to figure out how to add some purple to my hair as soon as it’s long enough to not just look strange. that’s something i’ve wanted to do for ten years (although it’s gone from blue to purple :teehee:). i say get it done. don’t forget to show us pictures! :happydance:

Do it! If you don’t, you’ll still want it the following day. It’s perfect for your last day of work and a fresh new start.

Do it!!! If you don’t like it you can always take it out. And if you don’t do it, you’ll probably wonder “what if”. . .

i think i’m gonna do it…we’ll see how adventurous i get today! hehehe.
as for the purple hair? GO FOR IT! you can either do it yourself using a lightening kit and manic panic, or you could get it done in a salon. they have a lot of new dyes out there that have very bold colors that last a long time. heck, i wouldn’t be surprised if there was purple dye sold in the box at the grocery now!

I’m going to be 35 this year. My kids are 13 & (almost) 16, and I’ve been married for 15 years.

I just got my nose pierced about 6 weeks ago. The pain is different for everyone, but I swear, it did not hurt me. It felt like someone flicked me on the nose. I’m soooo happy I had it done. I love my nose ring. If you want it, do it. And post pix!! :slight_smile:

Check out Manic Panic. I’m considering the cotton candy pink… :teehee:

The only voice of dissent: No. You’re beautiful enough as is.

I wouldn’t do it. If I would get a cold and have to blow my nose, I would be concerned about unitentional across-the-room casualtys. (I know, I am a DORK.)

I’ve had my nose pierced for (my god) 10 years and that’s never happened. Nor have I heard of it actually happening to anyone I know. Just sayin’. :wink:

I say go for it. Worse case is that you don’t like it and take it out and it heals up. Unless it’s in there for a long time, it won’t even leave a scar. :thumbsup:

I’ve been thinking lately about doing this too. I just passed my 20 year reunion so I am 38 for pete’s sake. I like the little studs too. My mom would freak, but who cares!:teehee:
What I wanna know is…on the inside is it flat or does it poke into your septum? I don’t want that. I have pesky hay fever and blow my nose alot. I don’t want to poke a hole on the inside of my nose. Any input on that?
DH says…“whatever, I don’t care” but then he says, “would work care?” I’m guessing not since my boss has one.

There are nose screws or just plain posts.

Mine is actually a 16 gauge monroe stud that I wear “upside down” so the flat back is on the outside and the post is inside.
It’s short enough that I don’t poke myself with it when I blow my nose.

so does the stud type with the little ball on one end come apart or do you sort of force the bulb part through and thus a back/nut isn’t needed to hold it in? i’ve seen the screw types but didnt’ realize they are sort of curved to keep them in.
sorry to hijack with questions of my own…thanks for starting the thread:thumbsup:

The post with the stone/whatever at one end and the the bulb of metal at the other, you force the bulb through, which helps keep it secured and also so it doesn’t really have a pointy pokeyness.

I had my nose pierced in college. I liked it. When I got tired of it I took it out and it grew over and you would never know to look at my nose. That was nearly 15 years ago!

I used to get special studs that had just a longer flexible wire instead of a post with a backing. The wire would lat flat against the inside of your nose to hold it secure.

I did it! :woohoo: it’s pretty cute!
i got a little freaked about it right before it happened, but then i was happy i did it! i have that monroe style post, in light blue and silver. the piercing guy was really nice. and so far, it just feels like i have a little scratch on my nose. the poke itself wasn’t bad. i held my breath a bit which didn’t help. my friend got her cartilage (upper ear) pierced, and hers looked like it hurt a bit more then mine.
i’ll post pictures after owen goes to bed. he likes to get the camera and “help”. hehehe.

i’ve been thinking about this, but my worries about my profession (nursing) are holding me back. i’m exposed to so many bad bad bad germs that i’d be afraid of infection. if i did it, i really want one of those teeny weeny diamond chips. the kind you have to look twice to see if it’s glitter, or a piercing.

i also want to have a professional piercer do my cartilage on my left ear. i’ve literally had it done 4-5 times and could never get it to heal. :frowning:

here it is!

Cute!! :cheering:

YAY!!! :cheering:
it looks [I]perfect[/I] on you!
you look so happy. :slight_smile: