Things may act funky here today

What I mean is, we’re making updates, so if anything gets “broken” for a moment, don’t panic. :wink:

We’re toying with the emoticons, they’re not in the usual order at the moment. KellyK is going to be adding new ones for us (additional ones, hooray!), when she gets a chance, I didn’t give her any warning, so they may be scrambled for a while! As always, to see the full selection when posting, click on View More Emoticons.

Also, Sheldon is working on implementing a Spell Checker. If we can get it working with this software it will be most excellent, so cross your fingers.


Hmm it apears you’re correct!
Sorry, couldn’t resist! Thanks for the heads up.

do you mean, acting “funky” or “hinky”…hinkey, hinky (sp?!) is one of our new favorite words around here.
AND…how does one spell hinkey?! hinky?!

OH, yeah…more emoticons…YIPPEEEEEE

Thanks, Amy!! Everyone’s quite excited about the new emoticons. My fav:


but this one’s pretty hard to resist: :flirt:

I love the Spell Checker idea! Thank you!

OK so who is this :blooby: thing? BUt I like the rest of the new emoticons. Especially this one :muah: