Thin, loose knit

Hi! I’ve been trying to find tutorials on how to knit in the attached style. My assumption is that i would just need to uses the needles and thin yarn and then just knit like normal …? Would that work to achieve this look? And additionally, would the same concept apply to crocheting (if anyone knows)? Thank you, I really appreciate any help, advice or input you may have :slight_smile:

I think the larger holes would have been made using yarn over or drop stitches - in general, to get this kind of look you’d start with thinner yarn and large needles. How large depends on the look you’re going for, so you’d have to do some swatches until you found a combination you liked. The possibilities are almost endless, here.


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With the knitting, it looks like you would start out with small needles and then later switch to bigger ones. That would give you the looser look.



You could try this tutorial out:

Maybe try it first with medium yarn and matching needles, then progress to fine yarn on large needles.


And this one looks good for crochet: