Thick/thin yarn: am baffled about the scarf I shd make

So, I’ve got some Madil Pierrot in a truly lovely dark blue shade, and a friend saw it and requested that I make her a scarf and hat for her birthday. But here’s the thing: I’ve got no clue how to make thick/thin yarn look nice. I started out making a “My so called scarf” and was just sort of appalled by the results… Anyone have any experience with successful scarves and hats made from similar yarn?

Much thanks in advance – I’m really at a loss here!

You probably want to keep to a basic pattern, like stockinette with garter borders. The yarn is the fancy part, so the pattern needs to be simple.

I posted elsewhere regarding a thick and thin yarn, and a number of people said they got good-looking results with seed stitch. Try a swatch in seed stitch.

agreed! even a rib stitch looks funky in irregular yarn. I would do a simple strockinette and maybe a seed stitch border.

You might want to try using large needleds (size 13+). If your friend wants to stay warm in cold weather, you probably want to move to another kind of yarn, LATER. Do this one, first. You will both like them. (But make the scarf first.)

I just finished a cardigan using Colinette Point 5 which is a bulky thick/thin yarn (I used size 15 needles). I used a pattern from Vogue Winter 2006-2007. The basic idea was to take advantage of the thick/thin properties of the yarn. Everytime I came to a thin spot in the yarn, I created an eylet (YO, K2TOG). I think it came out really nice.

Maybe you could do the same with the scarf keeping the borders in garter stitch.


Thanks for all the suggestions! It’s such a lovely yarn, and I’ve been distressed about the prospect of it going to waste. I’ll do a swatch in seed stitch tonight.

I also find the suggestion about the larger needles interesting… I may go dig up a pair of #15s and do a swatch with them, too!
You guys are awesome.

I made a scarf using the giant needles and just doing garter stitch - came out well and sort of looked similar to a dropped stitch pattern. I made it very long and thin.

me me me! i made a scarf using mmmmmmmmalabrigo gruesa, which is a bulky thick/thin. i used seed stitch and it is gorgeous, if i do say so myself. the color is a dark burgundy, so where you see purl stitches with the thick part, it resembles black cherries. :wink: