There were staring at me!

Ok, so since I’ve started these socks on two needles (I swear that could be a song) – but I digress. Anyway, since I’ve started them I’m obsessed with finishing them. I went as far as taking them in my purse with me along with a copy of the pattern so I’d never be without and that way I can finish a row here and there. LOL One of my friends saw the knitting in my bag and rolled her eyes… Hehe…

So my point was (and I did have one)… that I was a bit early picking my son up from school yesterday. So I’m standing in the hallway outside his classroom waiting and I figure: Hey! Why not knit??? – so out come my trusty needles with my 1/4 done socks on them and I begin to knit away while I wait. Suddenly, a whole load of 5-6 year olds come out of the classroom to get their bags off their hooks and as they are walking by, the first one stops dead in her tracks. Behind her, the next one stops, too – and just stares. Suddenly the whole line of kids has slowed to nearly a halt because they’re all staring so intently at what I’m doing. LOL

But here I was, too focussed on what I was doing to even notice. So it wasn’t until my son came up to me to give me his papers that I realized I’d held up the entire class because they were all just so mesmerized by what Austin’s Mum (that’s what they call me – “Austin’s Mum”) was doing. :rofling:

It was quite a sight to see, all these kids walking so slowly… not watching where they were going…tripping over each other. I’m not sure if it was because they thought I was really cool or just really strange!!! :roflhard:

:rofling: too funny!!!
Kids are often mesmerized by people making things…

I knit everywhere and have sort of become immune to people staring. I knit all the time at my dd’s gymnastic’s class and the older kids always stop by to see what I’m working on this week or to see how some project is coming along. The preschool class meets before my dd’s and they are always mesmerized and curious. Coach is always saying (in his Arnold Swartznegger voice), “What? Haven’t you seen someone knit a sock before?” ROFL Actually probably not!

LOL, me, too…I pay virtually no attention to people staring at me when I knit…LOL, I’ve become accustomed to the stares because I’ve been on crutches for years, so I don’t notice…BUT…I have to admit, I probably would have noticed the kids :roflhard: :rofling: :roflhard:

Greetings from another American in the Southern Hemisphere! I’m in Canberra and have recently discovered the Sean’s Sheep yarn. I’ve found some is great – the 100% wool and some, but only some of the acrylic stuff (mostly the eyelash type). I’ve made numerous hats (or beanies as the Aussies say for a winter hat) using Sean’s Sheep and had great success. You certainly can’t beat the price of AU$2.97 per 50g ball!

I knit in public all the time here and have found people glancing, but only kids will approach and ask me what I’m doing. I almost always approach someone I see who is knitting in public just to see what she’s working on.

We hope to get over to NZ in early 2007. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for someone knitting in public – it might be you! I"ll be sure to introduce myself! In the meantime, happy knitting! --Jill