There is a 4 letter word that strikes fear

into the hearts of knitters, and fabric hoarders everywhere.

and that word is:


:wall: :tap: :gah: :help: :thud:

I’ve caught it, and put it in a glass jar with holes for air.

I guess I’ll be busy tomorrow, going through fabric and yarn to make sure its safe.

Or I could start now.

Its too cold to put it outside.

looks like its a black cutworm moth, and must have come in with the soild of some potted plants. (I grew shtuff on my balcony last year, tomatoes, potatoes, squash, beans…and flowers too.)

the larvae live in the soil, and the adults drink nectar, and dew.
wonder if it would like some fruit juice?

lets find out!

It sounds like you’re safe with this one. Whew!

I read your first post, cringed and went away.

I WANTED to run away.

either that or pour a double shot of whiskey.

and I don’t even drink whiskey.

I would still check. I had to toss several projects and some much loved not to mention very expensive yarn (baby alpaca, cashmere, marino silk blend, etc. because of moths. They always go for the good stuff first. It was so painful. :waah: :gah: :sad: I didn’t lose everything they left me the cheap stuff. Why eat hamburger when you can have caviar. Good luck.

oh gosh, ClaireBear, how tragic. :frowning:

they know the difference between the real thing and sinthentic, don’t they.

so far, everything is looking safe. Its my fabric I worried about the most, I’ve got some lovely wools and silks that have been waiting for me to be inspired. (aka, not so lazy…)

Yeah it was a sad day. The funny thing was what they left alone wasn’t synthetic it was just very inexpensive wool. But looking on the bright side, I took the opportunity to rebuild my stash.

Oof - our cutworms restrict their diet to chomping up my veggies :mad: We have the aptly named clothes moth - an insignificant drab little beastie but the larvae are just as capable of destroying your finest fabrics. Oh, the smell of grannies mothballs!
And don’t get me started on wax moth, which will ruin your frames of honey…

Get some cedar blocks and hang it in where you keep you knitted things.

amazing, the damage such small creatures can do.

cedar blocks, good idea!
In fact, I have some cedar things that you’re supposed to bake salmon or something on, in the kitchen. I can use that, since I know I’ll never plank a salmon.

i may have to borrow some of yours… i go through them at lightning speed, planking salmon for the bbq at least weekly. :wink:

If I understand this correctly, the moths don’t do any harm.

It’s the larvae who eat their way through your clothes.