The Woobles kit, but for knitting

My wife bought me a woobles kit to learn how to crochet for Christmas. It’s a blast I’m having a lot of fun with it but it got me thinking. Is there any similar product for knitting? It doesn’t have to necessarily be small animals just for beginner knitters in general?

For those of you who don’t know what The Woobles are

Warning: looking at patterns on Ravelry is a time suck.

Here’s a search I did on Ravelry. If you’ve not joined already I recommend it just for looking for patterns and saving ones you like. You can narrow down the parameters on the left side of the screen. My favorite choice is ‘free’. If a pattern is written for worsted yarn using a thinner yarn with the same pattern makes it smaller. Have a nice trip down the rabbit hole. If we don’t hear from you soonish should we send a search party or assume you’re having a good time? :wink:


I bought my granddaughter a crochet one for Christmas because it was on her wish list. I think it’s quite pricey for. Have you googled patterns to use with your own supplies?

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There are lots of knitting kits available, animals, stuffed toys, sweaters, blankets.
I am not sure it is cost effective though.
I would look for patterns and buy yarn separately but that’s me.

You can get help here if you get stuck on a knitted toy - not from me,mu don’t have a clue, but from others.

Ravelery is certainly a place together lost in.

I also frequently get stuck on the Drops website. Heaps of free patterns and you can save your favourites (which is why i like it), there are video tutorials with the patterns too. Here’s a link to toys

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