The ultimate woman's v-neck sweater pattern?

Ok, here’s a challenge for all you knitsters: I’m looking for the ultimate woman’s v-neck sweater/pullover pattern. All I require is that it be relatively easy to knit, no fancy bells and whistles and cables attached to it unless the bells and whistles are there for shaping, and that it [the pattern] be able to handle different types of yarn and needle sizes. Oh, if possible, no boxy, square types need apply; I’m all about form fitting, ya know? :wink:

Why the challenge? Well, I’m at a point in my knitting career where I’d like to do something fast rather than complicated. With two little ones running amuck in my house, I can barely manage a 1x1 rib pattern without losing count. I’d like to be able to memorize a pattern then just switch it up a bit with different yarn/needles so I don’t get too bored. Call it a search for the safety pattern. Why sweater? Because they’re more versatile and timeless than a shawl/shrug/wrap.

Do you think it’s possible? Can such a pattern exist? Or are all the easy knit sweater patterns unflattering and boxy throwbacks to the 80s?

Any takers? Gosh, I’ll even PAY for one, folks! LOL! Thanks in advance for any suggestions/recommendations.

Try The Sweater Workshop

That’s the book that I shall be using of which was recommended to me by my true Knitting Yoda…she knows from which she speaks bc she’s been knitting for many, many years, knits beautiful sweaters and has never seamed one…all are knit in the round, as is described in the book Hilde mentioned :thumbsup:

Knitting Pure & Simple patterns are just that. Simple. And, knit from the top down with minimal finishing (NO seaming!!). It would be easy enough to add waist shaping if you wished!

Thanks so much for the input, folks! I was actually eyeing The Sweater Workshop but needed more input before I invested in yet another knitting book. Will be going to the local bookstore to pick this up asap. Will also check out Knitting Pure and Simple while I’m there. :slight_smile:

thanks alot Hildie - all I need is to drool and covet another patten book!



That looks like a good book, Hildie! It mentions DPN’s though…can they be done on circs?

You can view some of the pages here. FYI, the odd looking hourglass kind of shaped thing is actually the sampler that you knit while reading the book, the book is as titled, a workshop on knitting sweaters in the round. By the time you have finished each ‘class’ and the sampler I am told that you should have no problem with knitting sweaters, tops in the round! It’s an EXCELLENT book, I’ve not yet done it bc I’ve got lots of projects & things that I want to complete before beginning garment knitting, but…I think it’s GREAT!! Very detailed.
Another friend also recommended this site :thumbsup:

They recommend DPNs for the sleeves, but I think you could probablly do them on circs if they were small enough…

Knitting Pure and Simple is a set of patterns, not a book. I’m doing one of their cardigans, and it’s very easy. It’s been sitting for a while because I have to get all the christmas knitting over with, but EVENTUALLY I’ll get back to it!

As soon as I did a search on Knitting Pure and Simple, I realized that they were patterns and not a book. Still, I actually loved several of the pullovers shown on the website and I went and bought 4 patterns: two cardis, a poncho and that classic pullover I wanted. Am still asking for the Sweater Workshop book for Xmas. Wheeee! Now if only I can finish this darned Anthropologie-inspired shrug. I’ve had to frog it twice now. Ah, well…third time lucky? At least it’s something to do while I wait for my sweater patterns to come in…

OH! You did a SEARCH? I linked to their site in my original post…when you see that words are a different color (like my blue ones above), hover over them…they are most likely a direct link!

SO glad you found what you were looking for! :cheering:

there’s always this book too

Great thread! Now that I’ve finished the Fiber Trends Clogs, I’m searching around for another challenge. I’ve been afraid to try a sweater, but that book sounds great – I love the idea of creating a sampler! Are all the lessons arranged so that you keep working on one sweater sampler? I’ve been looking into some books by Elizabeth Zimmerman – is this the same thing she teaches? Better, maybe?

I think this book is a lot more basic on technique than the EZ’s book. The sampler is a great idea as it lets you practice all the techniques you need for pretty much anything. EZ is wonderful on sweater construction, but there’s less exact how-to.

I was thinking, that we should call 2006 “the year of the sweater,” And start a new monthly KAL (separate ftom the regular monthly challenge) and do 4 sweaters/tops, one for each season. Like, we’d start a spring one in January, and finish in March; start a summer tank in March, ready by May; June July and Aug would be a fall sweater, and Sept. Oct and Nov a winter one. We could make it more interesting by having each person design their own sweater (we can use hildie’s handy mathematical method*). OR doing choices for ribbing, sleeve style, neck style, etc. If we spend 3 months on each one, that gives lots of time for each segment–front, back, sleeves, finishing. What do we think?

[size=2]*yet to be published![/size]

This we thinks that there are so many beautiful sweater patterns out there that this we doesn’t want to go through the hassle of ‘sweater math’. That’s just one we’s opinion, though.

But methinks this monster is quite benign. In fact, I’d really love to hop on board the seasonal sweater thing. Wouldn’t it be better, though, to all agree on a pattern for each sweater since it’s to be a KAL? Or have I not got my terminology correct? Can knitalongs be done with different patterns at the same time? And if so, then I may not be able to join since I’m still a beginner and may not be able to keep up, especially since you all are thinking of sweater design and - ACK! - math.

Still waiting for my Knitting Pure and Simple patterns, though. And got some really awesome yarns on eBay. Hey, am I OT? Should we start a new thread now?

It’s your thread! I think most of them wander off to different places at some point. . .

Hmmm… well KAL don’t HAVE to all be the same pattern. ust the same something. One pattern might not be flattering to all knitters, if you know what I mean (like a bateau neck cropped tight fitting sweater woul dmake me look like a sausage losing the stuffing, but might look fabulous on KK).

Knitting math is easy!!! But, maybe that’s too much to worry about for a beginning beginner. And it would be easier to help/solve problems if everyone is doing the same thing. Maybe we can save the designing and math for the last one :slight_smile:

Did you pick out on that you want to try, Keelan?

Well, I think I want to try either #9726 or #996, but then again, I really like #244.
You’re gonna have to scroll down for them; sorry! :frowning:

The first two both look very similar and I’m wondering if I shouldn’t just have bought one of the patterns and substituted chunky yarn for a chunky yarn look. Also, #9726 seems awfully big (finished chest 40-52?!) so I hope the pattern allows me to make it smaller.

The yarn I’m thinking of using is Moda Dea’s Eden.

My LYS is the Michael’s down the street - no cool actual yarn stores anywhere near me - so I’m limited to what I can buy in that store before my eBay and Knitpicks yarns come in.

What do you think? Will it work?

P.S. Ok, how do you people make a word a link instead of just copy/pasting the URL?

P.P.S. Can we still do a KAL if the pattern isn’t free? 'Cause I think I’d like a KAL on one of these sweaters for some moral support…