The ubiquitous booga bag

OK, I have seen this bag so many times on this site that I feel compelled to make one. :knitting:
I have made two felted bags but they have never been used because , despite the felting, they are rather floppy. :pout:
Actually, the big tote one is in the corner of my den filled with yarn.
So, I found the pattern for the booga bag, but I find too tall and not wide enough to be useful.
Have any of you had success with changing the dimensions (making it wider and shorter vertically) and it still turn out ok?
Maybe knit with double yarn (Patons or Lion Brand) throughout would make it sturdier?

If you are making that bag any bigger, I’d surely double strand on #13s. And then aggressive felting and aggressive blocking make for a much crisper finish. I try to find a box that is just a smidge too big, and streeeeeeetch the bag down over it. Square it up carefully, pull the sides down as far as they can go and visit regularly during the drying process. I think a firm hand during blocking makes the bag less floppy.

Also a bag insert like Purseket or Purse-Brite make a big difference. I swear by mine! Makes your bag look like a purse and not a sack.

Thanks for the advice Diane! :slight_smile:

I perused your site and I think I like your CoCo Bag better than the Booga bag.
Now, I just need to decide on what color to make it… this could take awhile…

Thanks again,

Excellent! I look forward to seeing how it comes out!