The Thing About Hand-Knit Socks

Is that they’re incredibly HOT, whoa :oops: .
I’m finally wearing the first pair I knit for myself and I’m dyin’ here!

I’m a hot person by nature, and I tend to have sweaty feet (that’s a totally sexy tidbit about myself I’m sure you’re glad to know :teehee: ) I live in New England and I can’t stand to wear a long sleeved sweater even in the dead of winter–except maybe outdoors as my “coat,” so it makes knititng for myself a little limiting.

Guess this is a good excuse to start knitting some really lacy sock patterns! :rofl:

I finished my first pair of socks last summer, and it was disappointing at first not to be able to wear them. Wool blend socks in the summer??? But I am in Oregon, where very casual fashion prevails and we sometimes have cooler summer days I could then wear them with my Birkenstocks.

But in the fall winter and spring I always, always have cold feet. Always. And I notice that I don’t have cold feet anymore if I wear my hand knit socks. So, yes they are warm.

But for summer I’m planning making some cotton blend socks. So you might look into that as well. And lacy patterns would certainly add air conditioning.

Oooh! Send them to me! My feet are FRRRRRRREEEZING! :rofl: I’m gonna run out and buy some wool for my first pair of socks immediately! :teehee:

I love love love wool socks. I haven’t knit myself any yet, but have some yarn to do so. I am addicted to Smartwool socks. I have very low blood pressure and am usually cold with seriously cold hands and feet, even in the summer.


Maybe you could try a cottons sock yarn or a cotton blend(which would probably be better since cotton has no give).

I made 4 pairs of socks with LB Wool-ease and they turned out great. Maybe you could try the new cotton-ease?

Thanks for all the alternative yarn recs, I’ll have to try them!

I find that socks made from 100% wool (I look for superwash) are not sweaty. I think its the blend with manmade fibers that make them sweaty. 'Cuz wool breathes. JMHO :shrug:

These socks are superwash wool. I’m a sweaty girl, what can I say? :shrug:


I agree. Weird, but true. It seems to work if there is a little cotton

knit picks is clearing out their Dancing yarn, whcih I have some of and just adore. They call it “summer weight.” It still has wool, but 39% as opposed to most 75% or more, and the rest is cotton/elastic. I live in Florida and am in the midst of a 100% merino sock that I am certain I won’t get to wear for another 7 months. MEH!

eta: i forgot about katia’s mississippi 3 print, a cotton acrylic blend that is soft and really nice to work with.

There’s also Plymouth Sockotta, which is 45% cotton, 40% wool, and 15% nylon.

Ooh, good. I’ve got a couple balls of Sockotta in my stash. I never looked at the fiber content though, just the purdy colors :teehee: .

I’ve had cold hands and feet from Sept. to April for as long as I can remember. I never thought that the fibers my socks were made of would make a difference, but yes, wool is so, so much warmer than cotton! I’m so happy to have found that out! For now I have one lonely pair of wool socks but I’m working on another and I have yarn for at least three other pairs.