The Sweater Workshop

Thank you to those who suggested this book – it came today and I :heart: it!! It was exactly what I was looking for, and I can’t wait to start the sweater sampler. I really like Elizabeth Zimmerman’s books – Knitting Without Tears was my most recent read – but it looks like The Sweater Workshop will be easier for me to follow, and I am impressed with how many varied techniques are used in the sampler. I have to show some restraint, however, as my works in progress are starting to grow in numbers :wink: , but I’m looking forward to working on the sampler for a summer project :happydance:

I went to, and there are 25 reviews and all gave 5 stars. I bought one ! :shock:

I am going to end up spending thousands before I can come up with a project :oops:

I want that so bad! I got it from the library, but now want my own!!

Hubby is going to kill me when he sees the credit card statement this month ! :wink:

:smiley: Yep, I love mine! My friend, Kelley @ KnitPicks recommended this book to me last year & she assured me that once u finish with the sampler that u will have covered all u need to know for knitting sweaters/tops in the round…she’s never knit tops flat & her’s are GORGEOUS :smiley:

:rofling: My hubby may also kill me when the credit card statement arrives. I broke my foot and am in a cast for 6 weeks, so I have been consoling myself with internet purchases :shock: !!

I have to say that I was impressed with the book for the $18 price tag on Amazon (normally sells for $30)…it is a nice, big book with a very handy spiral binding.

I want to get to the point in my knitting that I can look at a sweater and truly understand how to make it, or have an idea for a certain fit or style and be able to create it without searching around for a pattern, and then the yarn to fit the pattern. I’m hoping that something will just “click” with me by the time I work through the book. (hmmm…I guess the next step would be to have the patience to start and actually complete a whole sweater!! :wink: )


I will have to compare my book with yours to see if I have bought a crummy version. I got it from one of the resellers for seven bucks with 3.49 shipping so the total is 10 bucks and change. I saw the spiral binder version being more expensive in the used book sales. I just just mine has the same contents as yours. :blush:

No worries! I’m sure the sampler is the same, and the process for making the sweaters is the same. I had to buy another book (Stolen Lives - 20 years in a desert prison) for my May book club, so I was able to take advantage of the free shipping (or I would have looked into the used books also).

When it comes to books, I always buy used ones if it’s available. Most of them are in like new condition and they are much cheaper. I myself sold couple of books which I paid 13-20 dollars for each, but sold only for 3 bucks each. Figure it’s not worth the hassle for the trip to the post office, I now just donate my old books to the charities.

When you by the used books on Amazon, are you purchasing from private sellers directly, or do you pay Amazon?

I paid using my credit card the same way as I order other stuff from Amazon. I am not sure how they work out the payment as far as receiving from buyers. Another place I look for used books is on

I almost always buy the used books on Amazon unless I’m buying several and combined shipping will make it cheaper to just buy new.

You pay Amazon and Amazon pays the seller, so the seller never sees your credit card info. I like that.