The stitch’n bitch Queen of Hearts / Wonder Woman Bikini

I am currently attempting to knit the Queen of Hearts bikini top in the stitch’n bitch handbook by Debbi Stoller (it’s the first pattern I’ve ever knitted).

However, as I am decreasing 2 stitches every row, I end up with just 1 stitch on the needle before I even get to row 15 where I’m told to start working the heart chart.

I was hoping someone could tell me what I’m doing wrong as the pattern I think tells me to work 24 rows (for B cup) yet I am left with one stitch at row 15.

Thanks!! x

Ok, the first thing the pattern says is to work 24 rows in st st. Did u do that or did u start decreasing right away? Looks like u have to cast on 35 sts and then knit 24 rows in stockinette stitch. Your decreasing starts after that.

Hope this helps