The Spoiling Continues

Ya’ll know how much Lonnie spoils me and now his mother lives here and she’s spoiling, too!
Well, today the book he ordered for me arrived! Yesterday (or day before) the so cool Artyarns sock yarn for some stranded socks arrived, also from my Baby.
AND…this evening when he came in I was on the house computer and he said, “Let me get there a sec and then you can have it!” And he goes to this page on Ebay…the very yarn holder that I have wanted for the longest time and I had not a clue he was bidding on it. He is the sweetest man in the world, I’m telling ya! :inlove: :heart: :inlove: And, not because of all of this spoiling, his heart is huge, but this spoiling and spoiling and spoiling is quite the perk:teehee: I’ll be so EXCITED when my left hand feels better and I can knit again…I have several sock designs roaming around in my head for him…he loves them so!!
Just had to share, I knew ya’ll would understand my enthusiasm:blooby::blooby:
Aren’t spouses just wonderful?! God gave me the best husband around, I can’t say it enough:heart:

Aww, what a sweet post!! It just made me smile. It’s nice when blessed married women are happy to be so :slight_smile: That’s so awesome that you’re getting all kinds of cool knitting stuff - I definitely think that you deserve it! And I’m also especially glad to hear that you have sock patterns floating around in your head… which means we’ll reap the benefits of that, right? Right? :slight_smile: lol

You rock, girl! Enjoy the new stuff :woot:

Thank you, Sweetie! I just can’t help myself, I have to brag about Lonnie. LOL, my goodness, if I told ya’ll more than just the spoiling of me that he does I would be chatting up Lonnie nonstop! He’s an OUTSTANDING husband :inlove: in every way! I’m so blessed to have such a wonderful husband, family and friends…what more can a girl ask for?! :blooby:

What a guy!! You are, indeed, very fortunate to have found someone who obviously cherishes you. Congrats on the new stuff – I hope you’re able to knit again soon.

how wonderful!!! I do hope your hand is feeling better soon. it is so nice to hear about Lonnie taking such good care of you! (I know you take care of him too…)

Lonnie really is super husband. I know we had a “fight” :teehee: before about which husband really is the “best in the universe” but I think over time Lonnie has really made himself undisputed champion!

sigh What a one of a kind you have there. I’m sure you’re pretty amazing too to have earned such a great man.

That’s just too cool for words. I love it when people brag about their husbands…but the husbands don’t mind too much either, do they :wink:

Does he give lessons?Could he do a online course for our husbands?

LOL, thanks everyone, he is one of a kind! LOL, I’m amazed to see that you have conceded, Kemp…Girl, you know we know you have a good man!
Thanks, Silver, that’s so sweet!
You are so correct, Slim, I’m one lucky girl to be married to my best friend and the best husband in the world, LOL!
Thanks, Mary, my hand feels much better and Lonnie does just that, he does take care of me!
phisch, he does like it, when people at work see notes I send him and/or put in his lunch I think he’s kinda proud! People that work with him are amazed that we have such a wonderful marriage and enjoy hanging out with one another instead of “going out with the guys or girls” all of the time!
LOL, Julie, that’s funny, people have been asking me that for some time and I tell Lonnie and he looks sheepish and blushes…something he NEVER does!
I am a lucky girl, no doubt about it! He’s already called me twice today to check on me because he knew I wasn’t feeling well! And, if ever he calls and the phone isn’t answered…he comes directly home to check on me, especially if I’m having a hard time and I’m on strict bedrest or something. LOL, that happened about a month ago and I was sleeping on the phone under many pillows…I scared the poor man to death, so my cell phone is now by the bed, too!

Oh, how Sweet!

You make me miss my hubby more! (He’s a sweetie too…)

Oh, Amy, I’m sorry, I certainly didn’t mean to make you do that! There’s nothing like a sweet hubbbie, though, is it?!