The Soap Dish

ok, I’m starting to recognize some folks here from the Soap Dish Forum (where I am mparmer but haven’t posted in a really long time, but am a long time forum member!).

Own up - who else is a soaper too??

that would be me, under the same name. can’t wait for it to get back up with the new server.

I’m an old Soap Disher too, same name. I haven’t visited or posted over there in a loooooong time though. Haven’t made soap in a long time either. :neutral:

What’ soap dish? :??

the soap dish forum. soapers, lotionmakers, chandlers, etc. gather there. i found my way here from an old sock or mitten tutorial silver posted over there.

The Soap Dish is the soapmaking forum equivalent (in my opinion!) to the Knitting Help forum for knitters - lots of great folks who help with soapmaking questions/ideas/etc. (and a rip-roaring OT forum too :lol: )

I’m still making and selling soap but haven’t been visiting the forums as frequently. I thought they were up and running on the new server already but I can’t get it to load today… so I won’t post the URL yet since I’m not sure it is working. You can google “soap dish forum” though if you are interested.

I just thought it was fun to see the same folks here as there!! Hello!