The Snuggle Challenge

In case you haven’t heard of it, the Snuggles Project is having a challenge on Rav to see how many snuggles you can make for shelter animals in one year. You can find it on the Ravelry Snuggles Group page. I hope you join! It’s lots of fun!:muah:

Thanks!! I went over and joined!

I got to this site by accident; but I was reading about Warm Up America. I have recently started teaching knitting and crocheting at a Michaels Store in New Lenox, Ill. We asked for squares for Warm Up America and I was amazed at how many we got back. Putting them together takes a lot of time; but we are working at it. So if you do not have a Michaels does not follow through, i am sorry. But know that some are working on the squares and they will be donated, We are as dedicated to helping the same as you are for making the squares. And thanks to the people who donated them to this store.