The smell of felting

Okay, I’ve read a few posts about felting, and it’s um…lovely odour…

How long does the smell stick around? Does it take a few loads of laundry to get rid of the smell in the washer/dryer? I live in an apartment building so I use a communal laundry area with the other tenants; are they going to hate me for stinking up the joint??

No one’s come after my roommate for stinking up our washers, yet. :wink:

I’ve never noticed a smell in the washer. The felted item smells like wet wool, not so bad in my opinion.

Agreed. Once the item was dry I never noticed again.

I’m with Ingy and Jan, the felted item itself has an odor, but I don’t notice a smell in the washer itself or in the garage where my washer is located. I personally don’t like the smell of the steamy hot wool fumes in my face when I stand there and check on the item over and over, so I put Eucalan Lavendar in the water.

I don’t know if you want to do this if you’re paying per load, but to be on the safe side - to wash away any dyes or fibers that might be in the washer after felting, and this might help if there’s any residual smell in the washer - I run a complete full water level cold water cycle (no soap) after taking out the felted item. though I’d find it amusing, I don’t think my kid wants his tae kwon do white uniform turning pink or purple :D.

can i say that the smell of wet wool makes me happy? i know it is weird but there is just something about the smell that actually IS yummy to me…probably has to do with the knowledge of a task almost complete but i LOVE IT.

well it isn’t the smell of fresh baked brownies of course but still… :rofling:

The hat and mittens I just felted smelled mostly like hair permanent solution, with an icky undertone I can’t describe. Once the item is dry, I don’t smell it anymore.

You might do your fellow dwellers a favor and remove it to your apartment asap, but you won’t inconvenience anyone. If somebody complains, play dumb. “Oh no! Look what I did to my bag! I didn’t know that you shouldn’t wash wool!!” :wink:

Ha ha! That’s a pretty good idea, Sara!! Or maybe I’ll blame it on one of the bachelor guys that live upstairs - you know men, they never know how to do laundry properly!!! :wink:

Its always gone for me once the item is dry…and Ive never noticed that it LINGERS.