The Simple Collection - Learn to knit patterns

Saw this on FB and thought it would be a good thing for our members!

FYI - I have not knit any of these. They are all free.

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I like these and I like the clear explanations on the Tin Can Knits website for things like short row collars. I haven’t knit any of the patterns yet but I’ve had the baby version of Flax in mind for a while.

Thanks for the link.

Thanks, Jan,
They look really useful - especially the cardigan!

I’ve knit the Barley hat several times and Flax a couple of times. Love them both. I have Rye in my pile should I ever decide I want to try socks.

I’e also made Lowlands and just finished the Sitka Spruce mittens from their paid patterns. Didn’t like either of them nearly as much.