The Shop on Blossom Street -- Great Read

Just finished Debbie Macomber’s The shop on Blossom Street. What a great read. I got my copy in paperback at target (25 percent off). I can’t wait to read her new book, A Good Yarn, but I’ll have to get it from the library or wait for the paperback.

I am thinking of going out and getting some nice soft yarn for the baby blanket in the book.


Oh good! I just got a call from the library yesterday that my reserved copy is in. Can’t wait to get it in my hands!

I just finished the first book…I am waiting for A Good Yarn to finially come in at my library. I really enjoyed the first one!

I loved The Shop on Blossom Street. A good Yarn is waiting for me on hold at the library. I’ll go get that one tomorrow when I’m near the library. I can’t wait to read it. I read the first one in 2 days it was so good. :smiley:

This was a great book and I bought “A Good Yarn” as soon as I saw it - impulse buy but at least I can donate it to the library when I’m finished :smiley:

If you are going to try the baby blanket pattern in the book you need to go to her web site. There are added instructions for the pattern. Here is the address - scroll a short distance - it’s in bold font.


Was over at the LYS today and say the leaflets, or should I say book, that are the kntiing companion that Leisure Arts put out. I thumbed though them. They had patterns named for the characters. There were many patterns. They were e$12 a piece, so I’m not going to purchase them . . . . I hate bing on a budget . . . there was some great yarn on sale too.


All of her books are that good! I think I have read almost everyone she has written. The town she lives in is less than 20 miles from my house…I’ve been tempted to go to the yarn shop there just so I might see her! You can sign up on her webpage to get email and once a year a snail mail from her. If you enjoy her writing, it is worth it.


I just finished Shop on Blossom Street also. It was very good. I can’t wait to get the next one.

Christine~ My local yarn store had all of the patterns in a book for $11.95. Did I miss understand your post that EACH individual pattern was $12? That is unreal!

There is also the pattern book for A Good Yarn and in that book there is a pattern for the dinosaur sweater. VERY CUTE!!!


Each book was 12 bucks . . . my kiddos who went with me to the yarn shop told their dad we had gone there looking for some yarn. he was on the budget warpath until the kids told him I left my checkbook in the car.

I too just love her as an author and now that I’m a knitter and learned she’s a knitter, I double love her. I went ot her site yesterday and discovered she blogs . . . what a hoot to read what she is up too. I just missed her coming over here to Spokane by a day or two . . .


I have a copy and I’m still reading it. But when I’m done if anyone wants it let me know and I’ll send it to ya.

I really love Debbie Macomber’s books too. Her Cedar Cove series is a lot of fun. The 5th book in it will be coming out later this year.

I’m currently making Peter’s Socks - the pattern from “A Good Yarn”. There is a picture of a finished sock on Debbie’s website. The pattern doesn’t say anything about doing the first eight rows on a smaller size needle, but from the picture on her website I’m sure that’s what you should do. If you get a chance to check out the pic on let me know if you think I’m correct.

I’m doing the first pair of socks without changing sizes, but when I make another pair I’m going to try it that way. Also, if there’s an error in the pattern, I’ll email Debbie and she can have it fixed before “A Good Yarn” goes into paperback.

I whizzed through the Shop on Blossom Street, it was that good! My library doesn’t have the second one, but I intend to ask them if they can get it on interlibrary loan.

I liked her style of writing so much that I’m now reading some of her other books. She manages to include a knitter in every one I’ve read. :mrgreen:

I picked up A Good Yarn yesterday at the library. I think I’ll start it tonight when I’m done with my dishcloth. Reading these books always makes me want to knit more. So maybe I’ll be motivated to start the cowl.

I read The Shop on Blossom Street and then bought some more of her books.

I was at Kmart yesterday and got A Good Yarn for $14.99 Hardcover.

I’m steadily working my way through all her books which my library has! :smiley: