The secret life of a knitter

A friend gave me the book “Yarn Harlot” the secret life of a knitter, by Stephanie pearl-mcphee. It’s such a funny book. If you knit you can relate. Just thought I’d share.

I’ll have to look for that!

I got it for Christmas and I loved it! Made me laugh out loud several times!

I also received the book for Christmas. SO SO SO funny- if you haven’t read it, get it- it WILL make you laugh out loud!!

I have McPhee’s other book (“At Knit’s End”) from the library now. I’ll finish it today or tomorrow. It’s so funny and fun to read. I REALLY want to read “Yarn Harlot”, but my library is lacking that one. :crying: Guess I’ll have to buy it sometime.

I’ve read both Stephanie’s books and just love them! Definetly ‘laugh out loud’ funny. But for some reason I’d share a passage with DH and he didn’t find it as amusing. :thinking:

I guess you just have to have experienced some of the things to appreciate the books :rollseyes: I try to tell my D.D. about how funny the stuff is, she tries to be nice about it, but I know she really doesn’t get it :doh: I was reading it while waiting to get my turn at the hair dresser. I started to laugh until I had tears running down my face. I thought they might start to worry about me so I put it away :roflhard: I need to read it in the privacy of my home :slight_smile:

oooo I keep eyeing that one up… I’ll have to go check it out, now!

I just ordered it. :wink:

:roflhard: I think everyone should have a copy :roflhard:

I laughed til I cried at her other book. I’m sure I’ll love this one, too. :cheering:

Well, The way I see it. Kinitting is therapeutic. A trip to the LYS is therapy. The lunch at the little tea shop next door to the LYS is therapy. Laughter is good therapy(" Yarn Harlot") :roflhard: :roflhard: Sooo whatever I am spending on all this is really a good thing, RIGHT? :wink: :wink: because I need all the therapy I can get :devil:

I like “secret life of” more than the first! It IS really funny…so many things to which I relate. I have it if anyone would like to buy it. $6.50 plus media mail shipping (which should be no more than $2.00) Its basically new…been read once, no creases.

I have started reading this book for the second time now. It’s just as funny as the first.:roflhard: