The saga of the Christening gown cntnd

Have been whining about a pattern for a couple of weeks and still need more help. I’ve basically combined 2 patterns and need a little help on one part of the second. It’s in the following:
I’ve added more stitches but that doesn’t matter, it indicates for R. 4 of the bodice, K15, place marker, Cast on 15sts(sleeve). My ? what kind of cast on should be used. I like the cable C.O. but doesn’t that leave the working yarn to be knitted again onto the
C.O. sts. I don’t think so. I understand that leaves an opening for a sleeve but then ??? Help please?

You are one dedicated woman! :slight_smile: I’ve used the cable cast-on before- maybe I just did it really tight, but for me it created a really firm edge. That was good for what I was doing, but for baby sleeves it might be too tight. You could do backwards loop, I think. Cable cast-on does leave the working yarn at the end of the newly cast-on stitches, which is where you need it to continue around the front of the gown.

I’m not dedicated, just stubborn and bullheaded. Even I know when I’m defeated, though. The time element plus a very unusual pattern and a couple of time consuming, lame brained errors on my part have caused too much delay to finish this project by Sat. Tried to get info from the designer, but got no answer. Will get some expert help and finish it in future. I think I may combine elements and end up with my own design. No time to devote to it with the busy days ahead. So I have to give it up for now.

Can’t wait to see what you end up with! Wish I lived close enough to give you some actual help, but my thoughts and prayers are with you and the lucky baby you’re knitting for. :slight_smile:

Abbily, you’re a very dear lady. Thanks for your empathy. If I ever finish what I intend to knit I’ll want to put it on an electonic sign in Times Square. This baby won’t benefit but, the next will. You can bet I’ll post a picture, but later I fear. Right now I have Christmas concerts et al to attend for my grandbabies so time is short. I’ve learned a lot attempting this project and that’s a plus, for sure. I’m a musician and have learned that accomplished and artistic people, like musicians and knitters, can’t always translate their art to paper. A pattern, to me is like a concerto or symphony and everyone can’t write one.
My best for a Merry Christmas, Jean

I’m a musician too- and you’re so right. :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas to you and yours!