The Real Joy of Knitting

This is my grandson Mikey, and the Lovey Blankey I made him. It was white for the christening, but he has dragged it around and slept with it for his whole 18 months. His mom tried to defend it at first, but I told her I made it for him so let him use as he desired. I’m glad he likes it so much, and I can always knit a new clean one for the next baby.

aww how sweet!!! My son was like that with an afghan my grandmother made for him… she has made soo many blue and white afghans LOL… now he is 5 and doesn’t carry it around anymore but I Have his very first put up for him… my daughter carries around a quilt I made for her its been patched and everything else cause I don’t have anymore of the fabric or find it to make her another… she is 2 its nice to see them love, cherish, and feel secure with something you made for them… :heart:

That ROCKS!!! I would LOVE for something I made to be used and loved that much. It is my dream, LOL. When he’s outgrown it, you’ll have to keep what’s left as a keepsake for when he’s grown-up. :slight_smile:

That is so sweet. :heart: :heart:

I always hope that any blankets I make become The One. Sure looks like this one did!

that’s awesome! What did you use to make the blanket; do you remember? (i.e.-acrylic, cotton…)

So so cute!! I remember when my boys would sleep with their bottoms up in the air like that- I was sad when they stopped! I’m glad that he loves his blanket so much. My youngest has a blanket that he still sleeps with and brings downstairs with him every day- and he’s 7. His is not a handmade blanket- I didn’t knit when he was a baby- I wish that I had!!

Thats the best compliment you can get for sure. Grats on making a terrific blankie!


How sweet!

It’s just some kind of acrylic, baby soft or something like that. I wanted it to be washable, dryable, draggable.

That is so SWEET :heart:
LOL, many moons ago, I had a ‘pilly’ that I carried around, I wasn’t a blanket child, rather I had to have my pillow :roflhard: :rofling:

That is so sweet! Maybe when he’s napping you can grab it and give it a quick wash?

My daughter’s had a blankies, too although not knitted. They loved them to death…literally. I still have the scraps to prove it. I always told them if they didn’t put them down they’d be walking down the aisle with them! Soooo when my first daughter got married I cut a small piece of her blanky and sewed it into her garter…and she did indeed walk down the aisle with it. :wink:

my 14yo daughter still sometimes sleeps like that
with her butt in the air
I think the more I tease her NOW that she is older, the more she does it

its funny to see


Oh, I’m so-oo-o jealous. I’d love to have grandbabies. (mustn’t even mention that. Mouth shut.)

Maybe “if you knit it they will come” ??? :wink:

No. Highly unlikely. Ah, well, I have grand-cats.

yes, in stephanie mcphee’s ‘yarn harlot’ book she talks about her 3 daughters and how she has knitted baby blankets for each of them to come home from the hospitatl in. she saved them all; even the 1st one which she later realizes was not her best work she still kept. she wants her children to use them to take home their first babies from the hospital; how great is that?

Oh man thats too cute. /sigh broody I want kids so I can knit for them :wink:

AAAAAWWWWW! He’s too cute! :heart: :heart: :heart:

You’re both so lucky that blanket’s The One. Way to go!

That is so great! I think the best compliment any crafter can have is a request for a replacement due to wear and use!!!