The No Smoking Zone

Are you thinking about quitting? Want to root for those of us who have? Need to complain about quitting? Need support? This is the place.
Everyone is welcome to add their own entries and comments. Here’s to not smoking!!

I quit smoking on October 5th. I put out my last butt at 5:30pm. At the time, I had a few smokes left, and was going to the drug store to buy more. I came back with a box of Nicorette gum instead. Since then, I’ve chewed 6 peices of nic gum. I’ve switched to Wrigley’s Extra Sugar-Free instead.

Today will mark day 19 for me. And I’ve not had one puff since I quit. I’m very proud of myself and my strength, even surprising myself at times.

Last Friday, DH and I went to a Nine Inch Nails concert. DH still smokes. LOTS of NIN fans smoke too. But I held strong, armed with two packs of gum. I even joined DH out on the smoking terrace at the arena, but just for a minute because it was so thick, I couldn’t breathe. During the concert, people were smoking all around me. I’m sure I inhaled enough to be counted as smoking, but it wasn’t by choice. I still stayed strong, and chewed my gum instead.

I’m doing this. I AM A NON SMOKER!!

[color=blue] :cheering: Congratulations Silver! It is difficult but so worth it! :balloons: [/color]

Way to go, Silver!! If you can make it through a NIN concert without a drag, you can make it though just about anything, I think!!! :cheering:

Hi Ho Silver!!! :cheering:


I am sooooo jealous…

But I’m sooo prouda you. :slight_smile:

Silver, that is [color=orange][size=7]FANTASTIC[/size][/color] :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: I’m very PROUD of you. Having been there I know that that is the worst habit in the world to break and it’s a GRAND DAY when it’s done :smiley:
:cheering: :happydance: :cheering: :happydance: :cheering: [color=violet][size=7]WTG[/size][/color] :happydance: :cheering: :happydance: :cheering: :happydance:

[b][color=red][/color] :cheering: CONGRATULATIONS SILVER :thumbsup:


[color=red][size=7]That’s absolutely fantastic!!![/size][/color]

:cheering: Keep it up Silver… we’re all pulling for ya…

Thanks for the support everyone! :slight_smile:

Is there anyone else out there going through this too? :??

That’s awesome Silver! I want to join too. I’ve tried quitting several times and almost succeeded the last time until DH picked up the habit again. That was 2 years ago. I so want to quit…I don’t want to be a smoker the rest of my life. I just am not sure I’m ready to quit. All this time I’ve blamed my DH, telling myself that until he quit that I couldn’t. Now, reading your story, maybe I’ve just been lying to myself. :thinking:

That is what you need to keep saying,. I AM A NON SMOKER.
I tried for years and finally about 3 years ago quit, I am glad I did. Though I cant tolerate the smell of cigarettes at all now. I am so overly sensative. I personally just kept praying and saying I am a non smoker and it worked, I guess I was just ready the last time and then It was a success.

I think the worst part is that since my hubby still smokes, he stinks. I think he stinks, but I don’t want to tell him that he stinks. I’ve always thought he smelled so sweet… even his sweat is sweet smelling. But now, he smells like an ashtray.

I can’t bring myself to complain to him because I know what it’s like to be a smoker. You don’t like it when people get on your case about smoking, how you smell, etc. I don’t want to do that to him, but maaaan… it’s like kissing an ashtray.

It makes me so sad because I’m so crazy about this man and have never disliked anything about him. Til now. He wants to quit too, and probably will soon, but in the meantime… :crying:

Kudos to everyone and anyone who quits smoking or refuses to! I’m still trying to get my dad to quit, and he’s thinking about it (but has been for a while) but he gets so darn cranky and irratable, my mom tells him to start smoking again. He has MAJOR withdrawls and takes it out on us when he’s tried in the past. :shock:

As far as I know, my brother hasn’t smoked in a while either :slight_smile: :cheering: And my mommy’s been smoke free for about 3-4 years! Hurray!:balloons:

I’ve always refused since I was a toddler (hung out with older friends in a clubhouse who offered stolen cigs and cigars to me, but I refused even when they called me names)…I think it’s because I grew up around it and my dad’s ashes put tiny crispy holes through my blankets and I hated that (I was like three and I was in the midle seat of a truck) That and then all those showings of lung cancer at the recreation center were disgusting to me. I didn’t want to do that to my body. Oh ya, and my brother’s grandmother died from lung cancer too when we were little.

Way to go Silver! You can do it!

It took me several tries to quit. I totally relate to the smell thing. Now that I have been an official non-smoker for several years, I can’t stand the smell. Now I know how my husband felt when he was around me. P-U!

I hope your DH sees how well you are doing and is inspired to quit himself. :cheering:

I tell deano whenever he smokes that he stinks. I won’t let him touch me until after he’s bathed and changed clothes. He’ll go over our neighbor’s hbouse, and they smoke… MENTHOLS (ick) INSIDE the HOUSE (double ick) and even if he doesn’t smoke when he’s there, he comes back stinkin.

every once in a while I think I want a cigarette, and all i have to do is smell that stinky smell and it makes me want to gag! Speaking of smells, since I quit, i’ve noticed a lot of things that have a smell that I didn’t smell before… some of them are gross, but some things are really cool! Like the inside of my china cabinet… it was my mother’s and it still smells like her house, which is awesome since she’s moving in a few months and I won’t get to “go home” again… but i never noticed that “home smell” there before.

It’s Day 28!
And I’m spending the money I’ve saved on YARN. :mrgreen:

I kinda wish I had smoked more or a more expensive brand though. When I was smoking, I smoked about 15 cigs a day, and they were Misty’s, which were $2.79 a pack. Sooooo I’ve not smoked 415 cigs and have saved $58.

If I had smoked 2 packs a day, of the more expensive stuff, I could spend almost $200 on yarn! :shock: :roflhard:

:roflhard: Silver, you crack me up! Good job, btw! You’re an inspiration!

I’m just about all quit - down to just smoking a few in the morning and a few at night…down from 10/day! I’m really getting SICK of it, and I’m really happy about that. I don’t smoke at all during the day/evening at work!


YEA!!! :cheering:

Go Silver! Go Silver!

Keep going Carol… we’re pulling for you too!


thanks Joel - you’re all a real help to me!!!

Thanks Carol and Joel! :slight_smile:

Carol, that is fantastic that you’ve cut down so much. And it’s a great way to build up to quitting. I have complete faith in you that you WILL quit when you’re ready. Don’t rush it, just let it happen. I had thought about quitting for MONTHS before I finally did it. I just wasn’t ready before, then one day, I was. You’ll get there too. {{{{{{{{{{{CAROL}}}}}}}}}}}}