The new Addi Clicks Lace "longs"

As most of you know, Addi Clicks are the interchangeable circulars that were releases a while back. They are fantastic, however, they had quality issues just like any newly released interchangeable needle set.

Then along came Addi Lace in the Clicks format. The company included a 16" cable, therefore the tips were shorter than a normal needle tip. This is because you can’t join ‘in the round’ using a 16" cable with a normal length stalk.

Anyway, recently Addi releases the Addi Clicks Lace with longer tips. Normal length stalks. I purchased them, and I love them.

Anyway, been using them almost 100% of the time for this new sweater I’m knitting, the Eadon, with very tricky cable maneuvers. It helps to have a very pointy tip for weird cable maneuvers.

The leatherette case is hot pink, and it’s also lined with a white satin. I like it!

The cables in this set have a neat quality: if you squeeze the cable about an inch down from the click-point, the cable will separate (open) and you can put a lifeline in the hold, let go, and it snaps back! It isn’t lumpy.

Matter of fact, for those owners who don’t read their instructions included in the box…they are writing into the Addi Group at Ravelry, and asking WHERE IS THE HOLE for the lifeline? lol

But that’s how imperceptible the ‘hole’ is. It isn’t a hole. It’s a slit that opens up almond shaped, and closes over your lifeline.

Anyway…thought you’d like to know…I like this set!

The finish is the same satiny nickel plating as you’ve come to love on Addi’s in general.

I wish I could afford the Addis but since my hubby are on a limited budget that gets really strictly limited during the summer months when I not working, I can’t see me buying a set any time soon.

I know what you mean! Been there, done that…many years ago, raising five children, many times on one income!

Art Lady,
My income is tied to the school. I am a school crossing guard and I only work when school is in session for the year. Hubby is on Social Security Disabilty and that is our income.It is enough to cover a few bills and the house payment. We still have about 5 or 6 years left to pay it off. Once the house is payed off , then we can afford a few things we need to have done.