The neckline is too tight


I have knitted the neckband and can see the opening will be too tight. Would it be possible to leave the neckband and one shoulder seam partially open and sew on button loops and buttons or press studs to rectify this. The pattern I’ve worked from is Etsy Blonde Moments 69. My knitted neckline is higher up than the pattern photograph. I got confused with the instructions which direct to work in with 80sts x 110 row grid until 116 rows had been worked from the beginning. The ribbing alone was 16 rows long, so I took it that it must mean from the start of the grid which is intarsia. I’d be grateful for any advice. Thank you.

If you don’t want to take the neckline down to the center bind off in the front you could open one shoulder. It would require knitting a button band on the back shoulder and buttonhole band on the front shoulder. That would extend the shoulder by maybe 3/4" so you’d probably have to extend the other shoulder to compensate.
Even button loops on the front would require a button band on the back shoulder.

Thanks for your reply. It does rather sound like I have to undo the neckline altogether as one shoulder has been seamed. It is also a stair step cast off for the shoulders. Would this be a problem?

I’ve only seen an overlap button band at the shoulder on a straight shoulder.
You’ve undoubtedly put a lot of time and labor into this sweater. For myself, I would rip back on the shoulders and adjust the position of the neck bind off so that the neckline is comfortable.

Thanks again for your reply. The neckband consists of 2" of ribbing which then has to be folded in half and sewn onto the wrong side, so it’s difficult to see how the button band would perform. If I were to undo the ribbing and then pick up more stitches, I’m wondering if this would work OK or it would still be tight. The unicorn picture comes close up to the neckband in the smallest size which I’ve knitted and looking again at the instructions I think the garment would become a bit shorter but the neckband would still be tight.

You could try picking up more sts on the neckband and maybe instead of folding the band to the inside, bind off loosely at one inch.

Thank you very much. I have taken your advice and it does look better. I find this is a common problem with jumpers when knitting for a child, they just don’t like pulling the jumper over their heads.

Oh yes, too tight a neck is a recipe for disaster. This is the voice of experience!