The mysterious gauge! PHOTOS

Ok I am trying to show tape measure…how much yarn I have left…to finish…pattern paper, etc. comments please…

more photos

another photo

It looks like you’re getting 16 st per 4 inches. If the hat pattern says you should get 20, I figure that your hat is going to be about 20% larger than the size listed in the pattern. That’s probably why it fits on the longer needles.

  1. I am thinking the men who lived during Lewis and Clark had bigger heads.
  2. Do you think a 20 inch round same size 8 would have been the answer?
  3. I cannot understand (mental road block) why there would be a difference on a 29 inch round if you are casting on the same number of stitches (or does the extra length cause them to stretch out…lie more comfortably ) than squished on a 20?
  4. From the amount of yarn I have left, I do think it is going to be enough…but if the hat looks like Paul Bunyan’s (did he know Lewis and Clark?) I am willing to rip out the yarn and start again.
  5. Do you think it is salvagable with blocking?
  6. I began this project because we were studying Lewis & Clark at school and with the reference to the knitting pins, I thought this would be inspirational to my knitting club.

I think that your stitches are just looser than the person who designed the pattern. It’s possible that the longer needle caused them to stretch out, in fact, I’m pretty sure that contributed to the difference in size. I think the biggest difference is your knitting tension compared to the designer’s tension.

Blocking generally makes things relax and get bigger, so I don’t think that’s going to be your answer.

If you want the hat to be the size in the pattern–that is, if someone is going to wear it–then you might want to try it on size 7 needles, 20 inches. With the smaller needles, you’ll get closer to gauge.

If it’s more for inspiration, then you can leave it the size it is, I’d imagine. Put it on your head and see what you think.