The most wonderful time of the year

That’s what he thinks.
This is actually from last year but we just got done being in this position this year.
He’s getting old, he slept through the first grind which is where I drop the most. He didn’t even hear me whistle for him.
But I’m getting old too and toss him a lot more than I used to.

It’s cute how he gets his hopes up when a big piece of meat comes out of the bag like this.


I hear what you are saying. My old guy is 14 and deaf as a post. It’s so sad that ne doesn’t come running anymore when I open the fridge!!

Oh my goodness, what a cutie!! :heart:

Oh, man. My 2 yo half rottie would jumping first and slinking around later. :wall:

Do I remember correctly that you process venison? Or is that just plain beef? Your title suggests it is seasonal so I’ll stick with my first guess.

I’m the only one in my family that hunts with a camera instead of a weapon. Considerable, since I have 5 sib’s. and both parents, and numerous cousins, aunts, uncles, nephews and nieces that all hunt. Oh, I enjoy the game feasts, but I can’t be bothered to freeze my buns off. :shrug:

We use the term “[B]Hoping[/B]” instead of begging. :teehee: Seems to fit here as well. :wink:

Cute pup you’ve got there.

I’ve caught him hearing so I think the hearing issues are more like ignoring issues.
Sleep is a lot more sound than it used to be. He probably heard the grinder come out and was dreaming about it.

I’m amazed he doesn’t just take. I eat on the couch and sometimes his nose gets very close making me think I’m about to lose the plate, but he’s been an extremely good dog. He hasn’t even made a mistake of grabbing something he thought was being handed to him, he always hesitates to check first.

When he first discovered I dropped stuff while grinding his head would get too close under the grinder so he’d get bonked while I cranked it.

The real strange thing is he never liked retrieving rabbits or pheasant if they were too bloody, but raw meat is A-OK.

It is deer.
Freeze your buns off in NC? :roflhard: If it was cold there I could relate, once I started having better success with archery I stopped hunting with a gun and the cold was the main reason.

We use the term “Hoping” instead of begging. Seems to fit here as well.

Hoping perfectly describes it when you take a large chunk out to cut up.

I think it’s attempts at mind control, “Drop it. Drop it now!”

Here’s one for you, Demonica.

Awww, what a cute pup!

Congrats on your hunting sucess, too. I have an uncle who bow hunts, no easy feat, but you get to get up there early, before too many hunters have spooked the game, and the early fall colors can’t be beat! (of course I haven’t been in years and years, like Jack I hunt w/a camera).

My old girl has lost only the upper range of her hearing - so she can’t hear whistles, or me or the kids calling her, but she can hear my dh if he hollers. Kinda scary, since for the first time ever, earlier this month she almost wondered off while camping - normally I’d give her boundaries by calling “far enough!” but she couldn’t hear me :sad: we had to go grab her and bring her back. She’ll be 13 next month.

Mike, I grew up in Pennsylvania, 6 miles from the shore of lake Erie; northwestern Pennsylvania is “snow belt” country. We often had snow on Halloween. Back then early spring warm ups to the mid to upper 40’s° F was tee-shirt weather. Now 65 if light jacket weather here in NC.

I’ve lost the “anti-freeze” blood of my youth. :wink:

Those eyes are sooo sweet! What a sweetie pie :inlove:

My husband and I had an American bulldog once who actually took two t-bone steaks off of a hot grill outside when hubby came inside for the platter. How she managed to grab those steaks without getting burned and how she ate both of those hot steaks that fast was unbelievable! We could not believe it! We ended up going to Hardee’s that night, I think.

I love your spaniel Mike. One of my favorite breeds although I never had one. Had to put to sleep my old red merle Australian Shepherd last year at 15. I still miss her. I have a 15 year old cat that grew up thinking Pumpkin was her mother and six old sled dogs left from the team I used to have, ages 10 to 15. The fifteen year old is practically toothless and has gotten selective hearing too.

What a sweet face. :slight_smile: My Juneau is 10 but acts like a dog a fraction of his age…

My first dog stole steak off a neighbour’s Hibachi and snarfed it down on the run lolol.

I love his grin in the first picture. Looks like a grin of anticipation!