The most invisible decrease

What is best stitch to do for a decrease? I know there are quite a few, would like to know the most undetectable one.

ssk? k2tog? skp? etc.

The reason there are different ones is because they have a different look. Very often a pattern will have you do a right-leaning decrease (k2tog) at one side and a left-leaning decrease on the other side (ssk, skp) to create a balanced look.

I honestly can’t think of a decrease that would be considered invisible. Good question. :??

There really are no invisible ones; there are right learning and left leaning ones, and centered double decreases. They’re usually used as a design feature in a pattern, except at the side edges where they may be hidden by seams anyway.

Thanks all, maybe someone “should” come up with a invisible decrease stitch. LOL I’ll get right on that! :wink:

You work on it and keep us posted.

I’m also in searching for invisible decrease!

I find this:

hope that helps you

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This is an old thread but your post certainly helps me out. Many thanks.

you’re welcome!

The ‘classic’ way of doing decreases (on a knit row) is to do a left leaning decrease (eg ssk) at the beginning of the row and a right leaning (ie k2tog) at the end of the row, so that the decreases lean in towards each other and create a shallow ‘piping’ effect. I’ve found that if you do the k2tog at the beginning of the row and the ssk at the end of the row the decreases lean towards the outer edge and are closer to invisible.

The left leaning decreases tend to have a half stitch at a shallow angle but the best left leaning knit decrease I’ve come across was posted by GrumpyGramma in the General Knitting forum the other day.

Yet another SSK alternative

:aww: Thanks. I think it really does lie flattest of the ones I’ve tried and it’s easy.

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GRUMPYGRANDMA is a total angel. I have tried out her method and now my sides look neater than ever :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:!

@GrumpyGramma, could you tell me what your favourite method of left leaning decrease please? The link here doesn’t work for me.
I don’t like the look of what I’ve done on my current project and want to try something different.
I am going to try the STYK too.

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