The Michael Kors College Knit Bag

Look at how pretty this bag is!!! It’s pre-ordered via Bergdorf Goodman for $450. Here’s some description of the bag:

The Michael Kors College Knit Bag shows off a camel, brown and white argyle knit which is offset by tan leather trim and golden hardware. The simplicity of this bag is perfect for a classy lady trying to give herself a bit of a preppy look. Topping off the bag is a shoulder strap with chain-link insets and a frame top with a push-lock closure. This cute little preppy bag measures 6 1/2"H x 13"W x 2"D

It looks like it won’t be that hard to knit. Does anybody know any pattern/book that has a similar look like this bag?


That’s pretty! I bet it can easily be knocked off with an argyle pattern :wink:

Oh man, that is cute!!! :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

OMG… :flirt: I am sooo in love with that! I’m sure I couldn’t make it into a pattern though. However, maybe this will help.

Best of luck,

Thanks for the link!! I was hoping that maybe if Rebecca saw this post [size=2](whooppss… she did see it)[/size] she can figure out the pattern. :eyebrow:

:pray: LOL

omg I neeeeeed to make something like that. :flirt: But I’ve never done any colorwork before. eek!

I’ve actually created my own pattern for an argyle scarf, based on a sweater I bought for my boyfriend. It’s really easy, just need graph paper. Just make a straight line of diamonds with the edges touching, and have another line of diamonds with its edges overlapping in the center of the 1st set of diamonds. I will try to translate my chart into a pattern that I will post for you. Good Luck

oh please write a pattern SOMEONE!!!

i want that!!!


yes, I have no qualms about begging for a pattern for this little beauty :whistle:

Wow, aren’t you sweet!

Becka! Here’s a handful of these to make it sweeter… lol :flirt:

This is a great purse - even my daughter wants one if i can ever figure out how to knit argyles. Please someone post a pattern for the argyle portion.

Thanks so much, Elza, but I’m thinking that you are overestimating my skills!!!

Becka!! :hug: :hug:

I got in touch with the owner of Wild Fibre and talked to her about doing an individual help session. I might ask her if she could give me a tip or two on how to knit the bag. I am determined to at least knit the argyle pattern, maybe on socks first and see how it goes.

She’s really very nice, Elza, I’ve not taken any classes there, I’ve just chatted with her when I’ve been in the shop, she’s very sweet! I know the owner of Red Needle better, she was actually the test knitter for my Loopy Socks at KnitPicks.
As for the bag, I don’t see where it would be difficult. I think once you get the argyle pattern down it will be fairly easy. My thought would be how would keep the shape, it doesn’t appear to be felted, and it looks like a small yarn, like fingering wt or dk. I guess you could put something inside the bag to help it hold it’s shape, then sew in the lining over that…hmm :thinking: …now you got me thinking about it!