The Magic Loop

Hi! I’m curious about the Magic Loop. Is the point to be like knitting in the round? My instructions say, “Using the Magic Loop method, CO 60 sts and join…” I’m hung up on the “join” part. I’m thinking it’s like I’d be knitting a tube then, right? Please help me.

I’ve knitted many scarves and am ready to move on to bigger and better things but I get so hung up on the instructions.

Thanks for helping :muah:

Yes, it’s a way of using a longer circular to knit a smaller tube in the round. You can use the traveling/single loop variation too. Making the loops in the cord ‘shortens’ the needle so you can work on smaller things like socks or mitts instead of using dpns. Joining is just knitting the st on the other end of the CO so they join into a circle.

Thank you sooooo much!! I get it now. I didn’t join it and realized after a bit that I saw the word “join” and knew something wasn’t quite right. I will redo and I bet it’ll make much more sense. Thanks again :woohoo:

You will cast on your stitches like you would with a straight needle. Half the stitches will be on one needle and the other half will be on the cable in back. Count out your stitches to the halfway point. Separate the two stitches (make a space) with your fingernail. Bend the cable and pull it out a little ways. Slide the half set of stitches on your right to the needle that doesn’t have the yarn end coming out from it. You will knit with the right needle that has the working yarn attached. You insert the needle with the working yarn into the first stitch on the left needle, pull the yarn tightly to close up that gap as much as you can, and begin knitting. When you join the work and at the beginning of each round, be sure the working yarn is between the two needles (on the inside of the tube). This will prevent having an unwanted yarn over at the beginning of the round.