The LuncheoNETTE

Ok a place to post personal stuff, Amy this is very kind of you to allow all this artistic freedom of expression. Thank you.

Did anyone guess my name was Annette?

You met my two cats, Lancelot and Eliza Toolittle.

I live in Naples Florida but am orginally from Lancaster, Pa.
I have lived also in San Antonio, Texas, Tacoma, Wa. Biloxi, Miss.
and State College, Pa.

I also quilt and have been at that about 2 years now and knitting is my new non quilting time hobby.

Welcome to the blogs! Yes, I guessed Annette. I had an Aunt Anna, who named her three daughters Dianna, Annette and Lana.

Your quilts are wonderful, I told you that already, but I’m really impressed!

Welcome to the corner of blogdom. Can you show your stuff in your blog? I would love to see your quilts and hear what you have to say about making them. I have ambitions to make some quilts, but first I need a sewing machine. There’s no way I’m doing one all by hand. I have my limits :smiley:

OH YAAYYY!! Welcome to the blogs, Annette! :waving:

So, yes, personal schtuff…where do you work? Do you have children? Are you married/attached? Etc etc etc…

Where’s your 100 list?

Ok I will work on my 100 lists and i will post pics of my few quilts i made to date. I have read some other blogs and man there are som awesome, cool, happening people on this board.

  1. Favorite foods, YES, I love food. I love anchovies, mexican, pizza, pasta, most anything. I am surprisingly not a sweet person. I do like my chocolate candy bars but I dont care for pies, cakes or ice creams. Desserts don’t turn me on, but give me a bag of chips and i am in heaven. (no chips allowed in house last 2 months, on a lifestyle change) I don’t like sushi however, yech! I love soggy life cereal that has sat for a good 30 minutes, yum!

  2. I like daisy, lilies and roses. Isnt Nature amazing?

  3. I collect dolls, fashion dolls and 1940 WWII era fashion ones mostly but character dolls as well. I have way too many and keep saying I would downsize and I should for I am ashamed at myself. I also collect cook books, aprons, and doiles. I quilt and now I knit as well.

  4. I love music, most any kind. I love Sting, U2, Andrew Lloyd Weber, Andre, show tunes. Edith Pfiaf, Billi, blues will get me every time.

  5. I love movies, I do I do. I rather watch a movie than tv anyday. English Patient is my most favorite. I love chick flicks like Hope Floats, Only You etc. I love old movies as well. Mildred Pierce is one of my favs as well.

  6. I am divorced. The next one gets Shot that is a fact.

  7. I love to travel and this is my passion. I have been to Paris 6 times, London about 5 times, Fiji, Alaska, Ireland, Spain, Australia, Morrocco, Scotland, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Holland, Mexico, etc. I was due to leave for Poland this month but due to home health issues this is postponed for now.

  8. Fav shoes, I have to say I rather be barefoot than anything else. I do like sandal and loafers if I have to wear something.

  9. I am a redhead and I do have green eyes. I am also a scorpio, what a combo!

  10. I dont like clowns

  11. I am very afraid of birds and heights. We have two wild parrots that live in our trees behind our house and i feed them very well but I am still afraid and dont like them flying near me.

  12. I am living with a companion who has health issues so we are homebodies currently while I care for him. I am fortunate to have loads of time some days to sew and knit.

  13. My first cat was a siamese, I thought they were mean and would scare off potential burglars since i was robbed. I figure she would stay under a bed and never come out unless a bad person came, well the first night she curled up in bed around my neck and started growling. I threw her off me, ran out of room locking door, called the breeder who sold her to me and cried afraid the cat would attack me. She said is the growling like a Prrr prrrr prr noise i cried yes and she laughed a good 30 minutes explaining about a cats purring. I never had a cat or knew anything about them (other than a lady who owned a store with the most murderous cat in the world who was a siamese) Anyway that first cat became the love of my life and I have never been the same since. The siamese has stolen my heart and I am forever their prisoner of love. What a love affair to have. Who ever heard of a guard cat anyway?

  14. I read , read, read. I love books. I finally have my mini library I wanted. It isnt complete with a ladder but it is a start. I just love a good book. I adore Eudora Welty, VS Napaul, Amy Tan, Anne Tyler, WWII stories of survival , natural health issues, biblical facts and works. Most anything.

  15. I drive a 2002 Camry, beige, very boring. I dont worship metal, though I dont know why I went conservative and didnt just get a damn convertible and screw the suns rays.

  16. I have a half sister and 2 half brothers. My sister and I are pretty close, though she doesnt understand my moving to Florida. I have 2 nieces and 1 nephew. The older they get the more they dont have time for their old Aunt Nettie.

  17. I am hoping to be in school fulltime this Dec. I am still not 100% positive but my studies will be in radiology or physical therapy. I am older and returning to school is scary but I am looking forward to changing parts of my life that are positive.

  18. I am normally a pessimist for my own issues and a optimist for everyone else. Hmm should have that examined.

man how the heck did Hilde do 100?
I need a break.

You can do your 100 in increments…no worries!

Id LOVE to travel like that! We try to take a BIG trip every 5th anniversary. We went to Costa Rica in June. :happydance:

:smiley: welcome to the blog threads, Annette! :smiley:

I love your choice of music. Very interesting.

Regarding your love of books, I would love you to join us for our read along (idea started on page 5 and the book will be announced this weekend).

Look forward to seeing the rest of your list.

This was my first quilt I made

This should have been photographed when it was pressed, My first attempt at scallops. didnt go very well.

Just playing around with prairie points and scraps.

These are current works on progress. I use to obsess about mistakes or points not matching perfectly. Then I saw on a quilt magazine cover mistakes of the quilt pictured, the more i look at my books and magazines the more if I was looking for imperfections the more I noticed them. It might sound silly but it was a freeing experience for me and allowed me to stop thinking I couldnt, and start thinking, to do what I liked the best I could and not worry about every stitch. Maybe one day I can be fussier but for now I just want to express and sew and do my own things and finally I am stepping out of the box and I like what I am doing finally.

This is funny to me, all the fabric in this small evolving quilt are from fabric samples I pick up when I go to upholstery store and i saved them and decided to do something with them. I think I will put this aside and see how big it can get in the next year all from sample swatches.

This is also undone. I am going to applique spoons on some blocks and decided to also add another piece of yellow to make a wider border, cant decide if i want to do a dish plate scallop or what yet. I kinda been winging it. I take a basic idea or pattern and go my own way.

I am absolutely inspired! Those are beautiful. :thumbsup:

OMG, Annette! Im SPEACHLESS!! :shock: Whatever is better than beautiful and gorgeous…those are it!!

:shock: Never in a million years would I be able to do that. I’m so impressed! :cheering:

Wow Annette!!! Those quilts are incredible!

Glad to see you doing a blog, glad to see your quilts… and you have the most detailed 100 things list I’ve ever seen. (Incidentally, Ive been here since April and still havent made it to 100 things either.)