The Little Coco Bag and the Balloon Bag -- two free patterns

I have recently posted two felted handbag patterns on my blog. They are PDF for downloading.


Cute bags! What a great idea to block with a balloon! :thumbsup:

These look like fun!! I :heart: the colors you’ve used for your bags!! Awesome idea to use a balloon!!

:smiley: Lovely bags, thanks so much for sharing :wink:

Thanks for sharing these. The purses you knit are just adorable. I know that I am going to be knitting that Coco bag. :slight_smile:

That reminds me of when my dd was a baby (22 now); when I washed her little cotton bonnets, I’d shape them over a blown-up balloon to dry them. I never thought of using it for blocking knitting. :smiley:

Those are pretty. I love the colors you chose for the coco bag. Thanks for sharing patterns.

Very cute! Thanks for sharing!

Those are so CUTE! :inlove:

Thanks so much for sharing the patterns. Nothing like adding more to the “TO DO” list. :smiley:

What did you use for yarn? Everything looks so sharp!

For the Balloon Bag, I pair a base yarn (like Cascade 220, Lamb’s Pride, etc) with some sort of novelty yarn. I have used eyelash yarns, the ones with little flags like Cancun and Little Flowers, mohair combination yarns like Dune and probably others I can’t recall.

I was NOT happy with furry yarns, the bag ends up looking like some reject from Sesame Street.

For Little Coco, the key I think is a good combination of the two yarns. I used Cascade 220 in the sample bags. You could use a novelty yarn/base yarn combo in just the body of the bag, and have plain base, piping and I-cord. I might do one of those for fall. I got the Cherries and Oranges Little Flowers by Crystal Palace the other day, and will have to find the perfect base yarns to go with it.

I am finishing up a booga bag that I am making for my mother for mother’s day. I wish I had seen these bags before I started this one. These bags are beautiful!! I know what my next project is going to be!