The little box of SOCKS

I haven’t posted anything for a while. My camara is not working right. I will try to post a picture anyway. These socks are the basket check socks from ‘the little box of socks’. The picture I took did not show the pretty pattern in these. I used Pagewood Farm hand dyed yukon sock yarn, crayon color.
I have these posted on Ravelry also. Different and better pictures to see :slight_smile:

Very pretty Indygirl; a nice, soothing colorway. Did you expand in the calf area of the sock or was the pattern elastic enough.

Hi Mystery_Gyrl, Thanks & I did use a # 5 needle on the cuff. I decreased 12 stitches and went down to a #4 needle at the foot. I have a very skinny foot. I guess I should have added that in my post.

Those are pretty socks. i’ve got little box of socks on my book list.

Very pretty, great colours.

Great socks! The yarn is absolutely gorgeous!

:inlove: very pretty!!

cute cute cute!!!

Oh my! Those are delightful!

Lovely, lovely job! Love the yarn!!!


Those are really pretty socks. I love the color! One day I’ll try my hand at making socks :slight_smile:

Just to let you know. I have these same socks on ravelry also. I have different and better pictures over there.

oooh, I like those. the color and length are great

Oooooooh. I love knee-highs! These are especially lovely looking for Fall! Are you ready for Fall Leaves?? I think so!!