The iPhone app has been updated

Hey Everyone,

We finally finished our KH app update and it was approved by Apple late last night. The updated app now contains 172 knitting videos, which is about 20 more than the previous version. We also replaced about 20 or so videos with newly shot footage.

The biggest feature in the new version is the history. This allows you to quickly recall videos you recently played rather than having to search for it. So if you often need a refresher on, say the Kitchener stitch it will appear under the history.

There are some look and feel changes. The app now supports the larger screen size of the iPhone 5. All icons and graphics are retina ready. I removed the black background and increased the font sizes to help readability. The app also rotates into landscape mode on iPhone 4 and greater.

We managed to do all this and make the app a tad smaller.

If you already own the app, it will appear as a free upgrade in the app store on your iPhone or iPad. If you don’t have the app and are interested, you search the app store for ‘[I]KnittingHelp[/I]’. It’s an iPhone app, but it will work on iPads.

If you are not familiar with the KH app, it’s a pocket video reference of nearly every video from this website. It allow you instant access to all the videos, even without internet access. It is the most popular knitting video on the app store with a solid 5 star rating and nearly 800 reviews. :cheering:

I’ve updated my app and it looks great! I’m sure it’ll be especially helpful when I’m out of the house or away from the computer. :thumbsup:

The next update hopefully won’t take so long. We last updated the app in Feb 2011! No one seemed to mind though. I’ve been working on this update since last fall. So I am glad that it’s done.

Now we are looking to get the Android version finished. I have a friend working on it, but he’s very busy with his day job as a video game programmer. So it’s moving a bit slower than we’d like. It’s approaching 2 years, but he says he’s getting close to being done and perhaps we’ll have a release ready for July. :cheering:

What about for Blackberry? No one ever makes apps for Blackberry :frowning:

I wish we could make a KH app for every smartphone and tablet. But it takes us a tremendous amount of resources and time to build each app, not to mention maintain them, test them, deal with bugs, issues, new devices and support the users. Unfortunately, that means we need to be somewhat partial in choosing which platforms we are willing to commit to. For the time being that is just the iOS platform and Android. But it may evolve as technology pushes forward.

We do make the KH website videos playable on nearly every device. That was something which was important to us, knowing that we wouldn’t be able to make an app for everyone. We wanted knitters to have mobile access to our content regardless of whether they used an app. We are planning future enhancements to the website to make it even more mobile friendly.