The Knitting Guild Association

Has anyone done any of the correspondence course or the master’s programs offered by TKGA?

Any feedback?

I’ve been thinking about trying it. I’m just afraid I’d be too busy to finish. Or, worse, I’d neglect my doctorate for the knitting (which happens enough already :oops:)

Hildie, when do you finish your doctorate?

I went ahead and signed up for the basics, even though some my be review. I really want to do the professional finishing one.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


ack, I’m only halfway through my classes :frowning: Plus the whole dissertation thing :wall: I think I’ll have time in… 2009.

I joined TKGA and would loooove to do the master knitter stuff…when I have $100 that’s not earmarked for yarn or needles. :roflhard:

Hildie, you know you can order the MK materials and take as long as you want to finish them…there is no time limit.

I’m taking the Basics class right now. I’m not really enjoying it that much because it feels like a real bother to work on the swatches when I’d rather be knitting other things. However, I am learning quite a bit, and it’s good practice. I think I might take the professional finishing class … maybe in the fall. The write-up says you have to knit a cardigan sweater, so at least I’d be making something useful and not just swatches. I don’t think I’d have the patience for the master knitting program, at least not in the near future.

I took the equivalent only in Canada. I did it almost 10 years ago (weesh has it really been that long). I really enjoyed it, although some of it, I have never used again (isn’t that how math class was…lol). I don’t know if I would do it again, because I never really went into any sort of yarn/knitting business. I did get a really cool certificate and pin. And telling someone one you are a master knitter is pretty cool. I had it on my resume once, when I was applying for a job at a craft store. Never took it off, and on my latest job, the interviewer was like, we wanted to meet you cause we didn’t know there was such thing as a master knitter…lol…So it may have helped me snag the job, got the foot in the door anyhow…lol

ooo really??? I didn’t know that at all! I might do that then… I can just work on it during summer vacations!

I’ve been thinking about it for several months, too. But…I feel the same way Julie does about having extra $…I have to spend my extra $ on yarn and goodies :rollseyes:

I’ve ordered Level 1 and have yarn to practice and submit for it. They are changing some of the levels and new requirements should be out in August. You may want to wait for the updated requirements.

Tmsl, what are you working on in level 1?

What kinds of changes? How have you heard about this?

I’m really curious.


TKGA has a forum as well and one dedicated to Master Knitting program, that is where I heard about the changes. The forum is good if you are stuck or don’t fully understand what they are asking as they have committee members who will respond. Right now I am just practicing the swatches before I do my actual submissions. For Level 1 there are 16 swatches, 14 questions and a one page report on blocking.