The knitting calendar

If you live near a Costco, they have the knitting pattern a day calendars in for $7.99! They also have the crocheting one, the scrapbooking one (you can use each page for a background in your albums), and a paper airplane a day one (bought for the 10 year old grandson).

In the patternworks catalog I got today, they are listed for $13.99 each.

Have fun shopping!


I bought one for DD10 :XX: for Xmas.

She is also getting the Sheep Tape Measurer.

Plus another little knitters devotion book with a yarn & needles charm. I can’t remember the name of it but it was sure cute.

Now, what we people going to get me?!?! Gift certificates for my LYS would be nice!! :thumbsup:

:cheering: Right on! I will be going there this weekend!

$7.99! What a great price. I don’t know where a costco is though. Have to do a search… (I’m in new york city) I just met the lovely owner of a yarn shop in Brooklyn, The Yarn Tree who has 3 patterns in that calender. I want it !

WISH I was near a Costco–love knitting patterns and love calendars!! What a good thing… :XX:

Melanie, one of our YaYas from the knitting group, has this same tape measure. It’s the black sheep and its’ ADORABLE. Very fitting, too…we’ve dubbed her the black sheep of the group! :rofling: :roflhard:

Sometimes I hear the Knitting Pattern Calendar calling my name from its hiding spot, but I WILL NOT open it before I give it to her. How many days until Xmas? :thinking:

This is the other little book I bought but it has a yarn with needles charm.

JoAnn has the white and black sheep tape measures and they are only $4.99.