The KH rating system

I haven’t paid any attention to the rating system until about ten minutes ago, and I am appalled at what I found. It serves no purpose beyond a glorified popularity contest.

The charity blankets are a selfless effort by over 100 of us and they each carried two votes of 1. pffffft. Excuse me, but if anything deserves a rating of excellent, it’d be those. I believe the two votes of 1 were made by someone with a grudge and a second identity. Of course, I immediately rated each of the charity blankets with a 5.

I accessed each of the forum groupings to sort by rating and learn which threads had been voted upon. Most of the ratings have been made within the blog threads. That’d be a popularity contest or a joke, not a KH rating. Within the off-topic threads, Jan’s Environmentally Products carries 2 ratings of 5, both of which I believe are merited. In fact, I believe that thread should be a sticky. Otherwise, the ratings hold no realistic merit, IMHO. Anyone can rate her own thread, which I’m about to do with this one as soon as it’s submitted. Wow! Look! It’s a 5! woohoo!


I cry FOUL. Eliminate the rating option before someone gets hurt. This isn’t high school, people. Is it?

i never noticed either. So…if no one even pays attention, what does it matter?

It doesn’t matter, except when someone is deliberately voted with a 1 for no reason beyond a grudge or a joke.

There are several threads of old that are referred back to when someone asks a question that’s been addressed several times, such as “can I take my knitting needles on board an aircraft?” Those would merit a high ranking if threads were routinely sorted by ranking. But they aren’t, except by individual user choice.

So why have it offered at all?

I don’t know the point of the rating either…
but really, does anyone really give a crap one way or another? :shrug:

To be utterly appalled at something so insignificant is a waste of emotion.

Thanks. so much.

I can’t for the life of me figure out what you are talking about:aww:. I must be technologically challenged!

I can honestly say that I’ve never even noticed the ratings. I would say the majority of the people here don’t notice them either. But I can see your point.

I had never noticed the ratings system before either, but I see your point. It does surprise me that anyone around here would rate any thread a 1. What’s the point of doing that? It just seems kind of mean, and very un-KH-like.

Three people have rated this thread with a 1 since I created it. I gave it a 5 and it carries a rating of 2 with a total of 4 votes, which equates to 3 votes of 1.

Yeah, it’s mean and petty.

In the past ten minutes, I’ve opened a handful of threads in the whatcha knittin’ section that I consider to merit a 5 and rated them as such. Likewise in a couple of other spots. After the three 1 ratings this one received, I’m inclined to rate every single thread in the forum.

High school, I’m tellin’ ya.

Uhh…I’ve been looking since I read this post and still can’t even find them. :shrug: So obviously I’ve never noticed before.

ETA: And if no one else notices them, why feel the pressure to rate everything a 5? Why not just leave well enough alone?

Didn’t even know KH had a rating system for threads/posts:shrug:

I feel no pressure. It’s 105 degrees outside, so I’m indoors. And I didn’t say I’d rate everything a 5, just that I’d rate everything. :wink:

That’s because it’s bogus.

I guess my point just was that that’s both 1) validating the system, and 2) buying into the “high school” feel…isn’t it?

Not buying in, just playing the game. Leveling the field. I still hope that it’s eliminated. It’s absurd because it’s so open to abuse.

:shrug: I just don’t see the point.

Frankly I don’t think most people even know it’s there and if they do they don’t even think about it. I will notify the admin about this, but please, let’s let it go.

Neither do I. [SIZE=1]yeah, I know that isn’t what you meant.[/SIZE] It’s an option of the site that has no meaning when it’s abused, and it IS abused.

So far, I’ve merely accessed a few threads that stand out in my memory as excellent. I’m going to step away to do a few things and hope that Sheldon or Amy replies to my post about it in the bugs thread. If not, then I’ll have a little rating party later on. With a martini!

I’m willing to let it go if it’s reasonably addressed. If it isn’t, then I’ll abuse it, too. And probably find a different knitting site afterwards.

:shrug: I think you’ll only be hurting yourself, then.