The Incredible, Custom-fit Raglan Sweater?

I found this pattern and want to try to knit it. As I was looking over the pattern, I am confused on how to start the neck. The pattern says:
"If you were to simply cast on the total neck stitches in a circle, you would not be able to get the completed sweater over your head! This problem is solved by having the front of the neck dropped. To achieve this, the neck is knit as an incomplete circle, increasing one stitch on each end every other row until half of the front stitches have been added. The remaining front stitches are then cast on to complete the circle."
How do you connect the circle. I have knit in the round before, but it seems that you work stitches, then cast more on, but when does it become a complete circle.
Any help would be appreciated. Here is the link to the pattern:
Rae Ann :slight_smile:

That’s the same thing you do for most top down sweaters. Just knit back and forth until it tells you to join. You join just like you always do when knitting in the round. :thumbsup:

Hello, Rae Ann!
What might be confusing is that it reads “The remaining front stitches are then cast on to complete the circle.” Actually, two things happen on the same row (cast on AND join the circle), but this sentence makes it sounds like the casting on does the joining. It doesn’t.

As you knit back and forth, adding matching increases at the two front pieces, the front pieces of the sweater keeps growing toward each other. If you keep on doing this until they meet, the result is a V-neck; when you have all the stitches that you need, then you simply join and switch to knitting in the round.

Or, if you want a rounded neckline, at some point you cast on two or three inches of stitches that will be in the middle of the front and then join in the round. I am making a t-shirt like this right now.
Best wishes to you – it’s a fun way to make a sweater.