The I'm Bad With Math Question

Okay, so if you compared a hank of sport weight yarn with a hank of worsted weight yarn, you would find that the hank of sport weight had more yards. Therefore, if you were following a pattern that called for a worsted weight yarn and were planning on using sport weight, would that mean that you would actually need less yardage than what was called for? That is, if it called for 400 yards of worsted weight, would it take less or more than 400 yards in sport weight? Whay are these calculation so difficult for me? :doh:

well, its not just about yardage – its about guage too.

(now these numbers are just a for-example, but you’ll get the idea – this is how I understand that it works – but hopefully someone can confirm it!!).

Worsted Weight yarn is thicker than Sport Weight

  • So if you knit 20 stitches by 30 rows of sport weight yarn on a size 7 needle – it may measure 4" x 4"
  • But if you knit the same 20 stitches by 30 rows of worsted weight yarn on a size 7 needle – it may measure 5" x 5".

So even though there’s more yardage on a sport weight hank – you’ll need more yardage to knit the same area as a worsted weight hank.

Very clear example Jessica! That’s how it works. :thumbsup: