The Great Yarn Swap!~~ NEW MESSAGE PAGE 100!

[color=purple]Welcome to the first EVAH Super Yarn Swap! We are hoping that this will be a fun experience for everybody. We are going to try to have as few rules as possible in order to have as much fun as possible. Sign up deadline is May 1st. Mintdee and I (Brendajos) will send out the swap names by May 10th.

We will assign you to someone in the same price range you have selected. You can buy as many skeins of yarn as you would like to get to your price range, though consider whether you would want 20 skeins of Sugar n Cream before you send that to someone else! :smiley:

We will swap for 2 months, June and July. In August we will do a KAL with any of the yarn you received and share it on the KAL Forum. You are not required to send your finished object to your swap pal so please do not be hurt if you send one out and someone doesn’t send one to you.

Please be prepared to have your swap package mailed out by the 17th of both months. This will give plenty of time for your package to arrive and hopefully assure that nobody is waiting until the end of the month to get their package. Be aware that if you are shipping internationally, it will take extra time for your package to arrive!

When you get your name, please get in contact with your swap pal to let them know that you have their name. Remember this is a secret exchange so use a secret e-mail address!
Keep in contact with them as best you can. We all know that life happens but don’t let your partner think you forgot about them!

PLEASE!!! If you do not hear from your secret pal or do not receive your yarn please contact us at KHYarnSwap at yahoo dot com. We ask that you do NOT post it on the KH forums in any way. We have a happy environment and would like to keep it that way. We never know when life is going to get in the way of fun like this and we do not want to shame or offend anybody. Equally, if you find that you are not able to continue with the swap, please let us know. We want to be able to get your partners taken care of as soon as possible.

Above all…HAVE FUN! Share the fun on the KAL. Take pictures of your new goodies and share them with the group!

Now…let the fun begin…Copy and paste the questionnaire below into an e-mail and send it to KHYarnSwap(at)yahoo(.)com. PLEASE do not forget to include your KH Screen name so your swap pal will know who they are gifting! [/color]

[color=orange]1. Your name (first name, last name, KH Screen name):
2. Your primary e-mail address:
3. Your anonymous e-mail address to be used to communicate to your Secret Pal:
4. Your mailing address:
5. Your blog/website:
6. Which price range would you prefer to be in (this is the monthly amount)? ($5? $10? $15? $20+)
7. Do you prefer to send only to a pal who is either in the same country as you are?
8. Are you a spinner and prefer to be assigned to another spinner
9. Are you allergic or adverse to any types of yarns?
10. Any colors you prefer?
11. Any preferred fibers?
12. Is your home smoke/pet-free?
13. Do you have any allergies to pets or smoke?
14. Anything that you would like your swap pal to know about you? (other hobbies, interests, etc)
15. Please indicate if you are willing to be a Secret Pal Ambassador and jump in as a replacement to delinquent Pals if called upon.

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Just double checking - the price range is for each month, not total, right?

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yup and i added it to the question! :thumbsup:

hehehe glad you answered that one Bren I was sitting here going ummm… uuuhhhh

okay i just had to change the subject line…the redundancy of “The Great Swap Exchange” was bugging me…

this is what happens when i try to do any work early in the morning…i should show it to my boss as evidence to why he doesn’t want me here before 8am!

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I’m sooooooo excited! :wink:

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Is there anyone that might be willing to type up or direct me on how to find good yarns? I don’t know many different brands. I’d really like to participate but I want to make sure I send someone something really nice (in the price range I choose) and not something silly.

Maybe there is a website about different brands/types of yarns and what they would be ideal for? Thanks!


where in Texas is Jefferson? Maybe you can find a store here that is close to help inspire you? this is how i found my yarn stores and i LOVE them!!

I am in NE Texas. I was told about one in Longview (about 40 miles from me) and when I venture to longview next, I plan to go look. I don’t believe it’s on the yarn store list though! Since the “W” word is the only store that carries yarn, that doesnt’ show me much about yarn.

I’ll look at the michaels and that sticthes and stuff (I think that’s what it’s called) in Longview and see what I can find out :slight_smile: I never thought about just going and looking. I don’t go to Longview often but I’ll make sure I check it out next time I do go!



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Try these:

yarn reviews from knitters (price range from ‘bargain’ to ‘luxury’):

and Yarn Marketdoes a fair job of describing (along with its sister site )

If you find a yarn you think might be good, try going to the manufacturer’s website and seeing what patterns they use it in and whatever else they have to say about it.

You could also try asking here in the General Knitting folder, if anyone has feedback about a particular yarn.


:?? I’m confused. Are our swap pals secret or not?? It sounds as though we’re supposed to tell them our screen name, but then have a secret email?

Does the person we get have us? I’m sorry to ask questions…my contacts hurt so much right now I can’t think straight…

I think we get in touch w/ them via our secret email to let them know we have there name…that way they know they’ve been chosen but not our real identity. make sense? That’s how it seems to me anyway…mintdee/brendajos…am I right?

So Mintdee/Brendajos just need our screen name so THEY know who’s who? Right? I think it’s slowing coming to me! :smiley:

Here’s what Brenda said to me in a pm when I asked about the anonymous email, and maybe this will answer your question, too, Andrea:

Ok, now I just need an anonymous email…what’s a good one? Hotmail or something?

Yeah, or gmail or yahoo. I hear gmail is pretty good, actually, though if you’re just using the account for this, it likely doesn’t matter which you use.